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Screen Repair as low as $99.00, Fast and easy!

Laptop Battery as low as $25.00 , Laptop Power adapters as low as $10.00

Laptop repair: HP, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, Apple, Packard Bell, Toshiba, Nec, E-Machine. All Makes and models also no-name and Clones. PC Ugrades: Hard Drive, Memory, Mainboard, VGA. New System setup.

Type Of Support offered: Computer Setup, Networking, Email, Internet, etc.
Application Software, Data Transfer, Anti-Virus
Backups, Service, External Devices (Printers, etc.)

Operating Systems:
Linux, MS DOS, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT Server, Windows NT Workstation, Windows Xp Home Edition, Windows Xp Professiona, Window Vista, Window 7, Server 2008, Server 2003, window 7.

n a computer crisis, Elite Pc Agents are at your service. Whether you need basic repairs or upgrades, or are in the midst of a full-blown, blue-screen-of-death emergency, we have the tools, knowledge and capability to help.

Remote Assistance $85.00

Fast Easy remote customer support service.

Do you have a problem with your computer? We can fix your PC through the Internet with our patented technologies, software applications, and specialized tools.

  • Call and you'll be connected immediately with our highly-trained North American Solutions Engineers.
  • Relax. We will quickly diagnose and repair your computer with our remote software used by some of the world's biggest companies.

Advanced Diagnostic & Repair

$85 In Store Diagnostic and Repair

$95 In Store Data Recovery, Backup and Virus remover

Warranty 1 year on parts and 30 day on labor.

On Site Rates:

$150/hr Minimum 1hr. No Travel charge for Local service calls

Warranty 90 day parts and 30days Labor.

Operatin System Upgrade

Professional installation of the latest version of Microsoft® Windows that best suits your needs. Software not included.
In store: $85
In home: $150

The prices are Labor charge only. Additional part and component cost will apply.

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Extensa 2400
AcerNote 355
Extensa 3100
AcerNote 356
Extensa 355
AcerNote 367D
Extensa 365
AcerNote 367T
Extensa 366D
AcerNote 370C
Extensa 367D
AcerNote 374
Extensa 368D
AcerNote 390
Extensa 390
AcerNote 390A
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AcerNote 391
Extensa 390CX
AcerNote 392
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AcerNote 393
Extensa 393
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AcerNote 730
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AcerNote 730C
Extensa 502D
AcerNote 730i
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AcerNote 735
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AcerNote 735C
Extensa 503T
AcerNote 750
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AcerNote 760
Extensa 506DX
AcerNote 760C
Extensa 5120
AcerNote 760CX
Extensa 515
AcerNote 760I
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AcerNote 760IC
Extensa 5620
AcerNote 763
Extensa 5620G
AcerNote 765
Extensa 5630
AcerNote 768C
Extensa 5630Z
AcerNote 780
Extensa 600
AcerNote 780CX
Extensa 610
AcerNote 782
Extensa 610CD
AcerNote 784
Extensa 610CDT
AcerNote 786
Extensa 650
AcerNote 787
Extensa 670CDT
AcerNote 788
Extensa 900
AcerNote 789
Extensa ESS3-391T
AcerNote 850C
Ferrari 1000
AcerNote Light 350
Ferrari 3000
AcerNote Light 350C
Ferrari 3000LMi
AcerNote Light 350P
Ferrari 3200
AcerNote Light 350PX
Ferrari 3400LMi
AcerNote Light 352
Ferrari 4000
AcerNote Light 355
Ferrari 5000
AcerNote Light 356
Ferrari 5005
AcerNote Light 358
AcerNote Light 359
AcerNote Light 360
TravelMate 1362LCi
AcerNote Light 361
TravelMate 1362WLMi
AcerNote Light 363
TravelMate 1363WLCi
AcerNote Light 370
TravelMate 200
AcerNote Light 370C
TravelMate 2000
AcerNote Light 370P
TravelMate 2001LC
AcerNote Light 370PC
TravelMate 2001LCi
AcerNote Light 372
TravelMate 200DX
AcerNote Light 373
TravelMate 200T
AcerNote Light 373+
TravelMate 201T
AcerNote Light 380
TravelMate 202T
AcerNote Light 381
TravelMate 210
AcerNote Light 383
TravelMate 210T
AcerNote Light P100
TravelMate 210TER
AcerNote Pro 950
TravelMate 211T
AcerNote Pro 950C
TravelMate 212T
AcerNote Pro 950CX
TravelMate 212TE
Anywhere 1100LX
TravelMate 212TXV
Anywhere 1120LX
TravelMate 213T
Anywhere 386
TravelMate 213TXV
TravelMate 220
TravelMate 223X
TravelMate 223XC
TravelMate 225X
Aspire 1200
TravelMate 225XC
Aspire 1300
TravelMate 225XV-Pro
Aspire 1350
TravelMate 230
Aspire 1360
TravelMate 2300
Aspire 1400
TravelMate 233XC
Aspire 1400LC
TravelMate 2350
Aspire 1403
TravelMate 240
Aspire 1410
TravelMate 2400
Aspire 1411
TravelMate 2410
Aspire 1411WLMi
TravelMate 2413
Aspire 1412
TravelMate 2420 Series
Aspire 1412LC
TravelMate 2423
Aspire 1412LCi
TravelMate 2424
Aspire 1412LM
TravelMate 242FX
Aspire 1412LMi
TravelMate 2430
Aspire 1412WLMi
TravelMate 2440
Aspire 1413
TravelMate 244LC-XPP
Aspire 1413LC
TravelMate 244LCi
Aspire 1413LM
TravelMate 2450
Aspire 1413LMi
TravelMate 2460
Aspire 1413WLMi
TravelMate 2470
Aspire 1414
TravelMate 2480
Aspire 1414L
TravelMate 2490
Aspire 1414LC
TravelMate 250
Aspire 1414LM
TravelMate 2500
Aspire 1414LMi
TravelMate 2501LCi
Aspire 1414WLCi
TravelMate 2502LM
Aspire 1414WLMi
TravelMate 2502LMi
Aspire 1415
TravelMate 250PE
Aspire 1415LMi
TravelMate 252ELC
Aspire 1415WLMi
TravelMate 252ELCi
Aspire 1520
TravelMate 254ELCi
Aspire 1610
TravelMate 260
Aspire 1640
TravelMate 2600
Aspire 1640LC
TravelMate 261
Aspire 1640Z
TravelMate 261XV-XP
Aspire 1641LM
TravelMate 270
Aspire 1641LMi
TravelMate 270xv
Aspire 1641WLMi
TravelMate 280
Aspire 1642
TravelMate 290
Aspire 1642WLMi
TravelMate 290 series
Aspire 1650
TravelMate 291LCi
Aspire 1650Z
TravelMate 291LCi-G
Aspire 1660
TravelMate 291LMi-G
Aspire 1680
TravelMate 291LMi-G XPHome
Aspire 1681WLCI
TravelMate 292LCi
Aspire 1690
TravelMate 292LMi-V68MB
Aspire 1691WLMi
TravelMate 3000
Aspire 1800
TravelMate 3000LMi
Aspire 2000
TravelMate 3010
Aspire 2010
TravelMate 3200 Series
Aspire 2012WLCi
TravelMate 3200LMi
Aspire 2012WLMi
TravelMate 3210
Aspire 2020
TravelMate 3220
Aspire 2200
TravelMate 3230
Aspire 2410
TravelMate 3240
Aspire 2920
TravelMate 3250
Aspire 2920Z
TravelMate 3260
Aspire 3000
TravelMate 3270
Aspire 3002
TravelMate 3280
Aspire 3002LCi
TravelMate 3290
Aspire 3002WLCi
TravelMate 330
Aspire 3003
TravelMate 3300
Aspire 3003LCi
TravelMate 330T
Aspire 3003WLCi
TravelMate 3400LMi
Aspire 3003WLMi
TravelMate 340T
Aspire 3004
TravelMate 350
Aspire 3005
TravelMate 351TEV
Aspire 3009
TravelMate 360
Aspire 3020
TravelMate 370
Aspire 3022WLMi
TravelMate 371
Aspire 3030
TravelMate 372
Aspire 3050
TravelMate 374
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TravelMate 380
Aspire 3050-1594
TravelMate 381
Aspire 3100
TravelMate 382
Aspire 3200
TravelMate 383
Aspire 3500
TravelMate 3900
Aspire 3502WLCi
TravelMate 4000
Aspire 3510
TravelMate 4005WLMi
Aspire 3600
TravelMate 4006WLMi
Aspire 3610
TravelMate 4010
Aspire 3612
TravelMate 4011
Aspire 3613
TravelMate 4020
Aspire 3618
TravelMate 4021
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Aspire 3620
Travelmate 4051
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Aspire 3624
TravelMate 4070
Aspire 3630
TravelMate 4080
Aspire 3634WLMi
TravelMate 4100
Aspire 3640
TravelMate 4150
Aspire 3660
TravelMate 4151
Aspire 3661WLMi
TravelMate 420
Aspire 3670
TravelMate 4200
Aspire 3680
TravelMate 4200-4091
Aspire 3680-2022
TravelMate 4200-4320
Aspire 3680-2633
TravelMate 4200-4493
Aspire 3690
TravelMate 4200-4854
Aspire 3690-2710
TravelMate 4202
Aspire 3810T-351G25
TravelMate 4202WLMi
Aspire 3810T-351G25N
TravelMate 4210
Aspire 3810T-352G32NA
TravelMate 4220
Aspire 3810T-354G32N
TravelMate 4220AWLMi
Aspire 3810T-6415
TravelMate 4222LMi
Aspire 3810T-944G32N
TravelMate 4222WLMi
Aspire 3810T-H22
TravelMate 4230
Aspire 3810T-H22F
TravelMate 4230-6499
Aspire 3810T-S22
TravelMate 4230-6704
Aspire 3810T-S22F
Travelmate 4260
Aspire 3810TZ-4880
TravelMate 4270
Aspire 4310
TravelMate 4280
Aspire 4315
TravelMate 430
Aspire 4520
TravelMate 4310
Aspire 4520-5803
TravelMate 4320
Aspire 4710
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TravelMate 4600
Aspire 4810-4439
TravelMate 4650
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TravelMate 4670
Aspire 4810T-353G25MN
TravelMate 4672LMi
Aspire 4810T-8480
TravelMate 4672WLMi
Aspire 4810TG-R23
TravelMate 4674WLMi
Aspire 4810TG-R23F
TravelMate 500
Aspire 4810TZ-4011
TravelMate 505DX
Aspire 4920
TravelMate 506
Aspire 5000
TravelMate 506DX
Aspire 5002
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Aspire 5004
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TravelMate 520
Aspire 5050-5278
TravelMate 5210
Aspire 5100
TravelMate 521T
Aspire 5100-3357
TravelMate 521TE
Aspire 5100-3372
TravelMate 521TXV
Aspire 5100-3577
TravelMate 522
Aspire 5100-3583
TravelMate 5220
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TravelMate 524TX
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TravelMate 525
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TravelMate 529TXV
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Aspire 5110
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TravelMate 5320
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TravelMate 5510
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TravelMate 5520
Aspire 5315
TravelMate 5520G
Aspire 5500
TravelMate 5600
Aspire 5510
TravelMate 5602WSMi
Aspire 5515
TravelMate 5604WSMi
Aspire 5516
TravelMate 5610
Aspire 5517
TravelMate 5612WSMi
Aspire 5520
TravelMate 5614WSMi
Aspire 5520-5912
TravelMate 5620
Aspire 5520G
TravelMate 5623WSMi
Aspire 5532
TravelMate 5630
Aspire 5534
TravelMate 5670
Aspire 5535
TravelMate 5710
Aspire 5540
TravelMate 5710G
Aspire 5550
TravelMate 5720
Aspire 5560
TravelMate 5720G
Aspire 5570
TravelMate 600
Aspire 5570-2067
TravelMate 6000
Aspire 5570-2609
TravelMate 6000 series
Aspire 5570-2758
TravelMate 6003LMi
Aspire 5570-2792
TravelMate 600TER
Aspire 5570-2935
TravelMate 602
Aspire 5570-4421
TravelMate 602TER
Aspire 5570z
TravelMate 603
Aspire 5580
TravelMate 610
Aspire 5580-6432
TravelMate 620
Aspire 5590
TravelMate 621
Aspire 5600
TravelMate 621LV
Aspire 5600 AWLMi
TravelMate 621XC
Aspire 5601
TravelMate 623
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TravelMate 6231
Aspire 5601WLMi
TravelMate 623LC
Aspire 5602WLMi
TravelMate 623LCi
Aspire 5610
TravelMate 624
Aspire 5610-2273
TravelMate 6291
Aspire 5610-4537
TravelMate 6292
Aspire 5610-4610
TravelMate 630
Aspire 5610-4648
TravelMate 630XCi
Aspire 5610Z
TravelMate 630XV
Aspire 5620
TravelMate 632
Aspire 5621AWLMi
TravelMate 632XCi
Aspire 5622WLMi
TravelMate 633
Aspire 5630
TravelMate 633LCi
Aspire 5633WLMi
TravelMate 634
Aspire 5650
TravelMate 636
Aspire 5670
TravelMate 637
Aspire 5672
TravelMate 6410
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TravelMate 6410-6189
Aspire 5672WLMi
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Aspire 5673WLMi
TravelMate 6460
Aspire 5674
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TravelMate 6460-6752
Aspire 5675WLMi
TravelMate 650
Aspire 5680
TravelMate 6592
Aspire 5680-6509
TravelMate 6592-8204
Aspire 5710G
TravelMate 660
Aspire 5710Z
TravelMate 662LMi
Aspire 5710ZG
TravelMate 7220
Aspire 5720
TravelMate 7220G
Aspire 5720-4126
TravelMate 730
Aspire 5720G
TravelMate 730TXV
Aspire 5730
TravelMate 732
Aspire 5730Z
TravelMate 7320
Aspire 5730ZG
TravelMate 732TLV
Aspire 5735
TravelMate 735TLV
Aspire 5735Z
TravelMate 735TXV
Aspire 5738-6969
TravelMate 738TLV
Aspire 5738PG
TravelMate 739TLV
Aspire 5810T-354G32MN
TravelMate 740
Aspire 5810T-8929
TravelMate 7510
Aspire 5810T-8952
TravelMate 7520
Aspire 5810T-944G32MN
TravelMate 7520G
Aspire 5810T-D34
TravelMate 7720
Aspire 5810T-D34F
TravelMate 7720G
Aspire 5810TG-D45
TravelMate 800
Aspire 5810TG-D45F
TravelMate 8000
Aspire 5810TZ-4112
TravelMate 8000 series
Aspire 5810TZ-4238
TravelMate 8002LCi
Aspire 5810TZ-4274
TravelMate 8003LMi
Aspire 5810TZ-4657
TravelMate 8006LMi
Aspire 5910G
TravelMate 800LCi
Aspire 5920
TravelMate 802LCi
Aspire 5920G
TravelMate 803LCi
Aspire 6920
TravelMate 804LMi
Aspire 6930
TravelMate 8100
Aspire 7000
TravelMate 8200
Aspire 7003WSMi
TravelMate 8202
Aspire 7100
TravelMate 8202WXMi
Aspire 7103WSMi
TravelMate 8204
Aspire 7104
TravelMate 8204WLMi
Aspire 7104WSMi
TravelMate 8205
Aspire 7110
TravelMate 8210
Aspire 7111WSMi
TravelMate 8215
Aspire 7112WSMi
TravelMate 8216
Aspire 7220
TravelMate 8371-352G32N
Aspire 7520
TravelMate 8371-353G25N
Aspire 7520G
TravelMate 8371-354G32N
Aspire 7720
TravelMate 8371-733G32N
Aspire 7720-6395
TravelMate 8371-944G08N
Aspire 7720G
TravelMate 8371-944G32N
Aspire 9010
TravelMate 8371-944G50N
Aspire 9100
TravelMate 8471-353G25MN
Aspire 9110
TravelMate 8471-733G25MN
Aspire 9120
TravelMate 8471-944G32MN
Aspire 9300
TravelMate 8471-944G50MN
Aspire 9301AWSMi
TravelMate 8571-353G25MN
Aspire 9302WSMi
TravelMate 8571-733G25MN
Aspire 9303WSMi
TravelMate 8571-943G25MN
Aspire 9400
TravelMate 8571-944G32MN
Aspire 9402
TravelMate 9411AWSMi
Aspire 9402WSMi
TravelMate a550
Aspire 9404WSMi
TravelMate a551
Aspire 9410
TravelMate Alpha 550
Aspire 9410-4923
TravelMate Alpha 551
Aspire 9410AWSMi
TravelMate C100
Aspire 9410Z
TravelMate C100 series
Aspire 9411AWSMi
TravelMate C102T
Aspire 9412AWSMi
TravelMate C102Ti
Aspire 9412WSMi
TravelMate C104
Aspire 9420
TravelMate C110
Aspire 9500
TravelMate C110TCi
Aspire 9502
TravelMate C110Ti
Aspire 9502WSMi
TravelMate C200
Aspire 9503
TravelMate C300
Aspire 9503EWSMi
TravelMate C300 Series
Aspire 9504
TravelMate C300Xci
Aspire 9504EWSMi
TravelMate C300Xmi
Aspire 9504WSMi
TravelMate C301
Aspire Timeline 3810 series
TravelMate C301Xmi
Aspire Timeline 3810T
TravelMate C301XMib
Aspire Timeline 4810 series
TravelMate C302
Aspire Timeline 4810T series
TravelMate C302Xci
Aspire Timeline 5810 series
TravelMate C302Xmi
Aspire Timeline 5810T series
TravelMate C310
TravelMate Timeline 8371 series
TravelMate Timeline 8471 series
TravelMate Timeline 8571 series


E-Mate 300
PowerBook 190
iBook (1999 model - original)
PowerBook 190CS
iBook (2000 model - original)
PowerBook 2400
iBook (Blueberry)
PowerBook 2400C
iBook (Dual USB - 12")
PowerBook 3400
iBook (Dual USB - 14")
PowerBook 3400C
iBook (Graphite)
Powerbook 520
iBook (Indigo)
Powerbook 520C
iBook (Lime Green)
PowerBook 5300
iBook (Tangerine)
PowerBook 5300C
iBook (White - 12")
PowerBook 5300CE
iBook (White - 14")
PowerBook 5300CS
iBook G4 (12")
Powerbook 540
iBook G4 (14")
Powerbook 540C
iBook SE(Graphite)
PowerBook Duo 210
MacBook (13" Black)
PowerBook Duo 230
MacBook (13" White)
Powerbook Duo 2300
MacBook Pro (15")
PowerBook Duo 2300C
MacBook Pro (17")
PowerBook Duo 250
Macintosh Portable
PowerBook Duo 270C
PowerBook 100
PowerBook Duo 280
PowerBook 140
PowerBook Duo 280C
PowerBook 1400
PowerBook G3 (bronze keyboard)
PowerBook 1400C
PowerBook G3 (Firewire)
PowerBook 1400CS
PowerBook G3 1997
PowerBook 145
PowerBook G3 1998
PowerBook 145B
PowerBook G3 1999
Powerbook 150
PowerBook G3 Lombard
PowerBook 160
PowerBook G3 Pismo
PowerBook 165
PowerBook G3 Wall Street
PowerBook 165C
PowerBook G4 (12")
PowerBook 170
PowerBook G4 (15" Aluminum)
PowerBook 180
PowerBook G4 (15" Titanium)
PowerBook 180C
PowerBook G4 (17")


Armada 100S
Presario 2146AD
Armada 110
Presario 2146EA
Armada 1100
Presario 2147AD
Armada 110S
Presario 2147EA
Armada 1120
Presario 2148AD
Armada 1120T
Presario 2148EA
Armada 1125
Presario 2149AD
Armada 1130
Presario 2149EA
Armada 1130T
Presario 2150AP
Armada 1500
Presario 2150US
Armada 1500C
Presario 2151AD
Armada 1500DM
Presario 2151EA
Armada 1505DM
Presario 2153AP
Armada 1510DM
Presario 2154AP
Armada 1515DMT
Presario 2154EA
Armada 1520
Presario 2155
Armada 1520D
Presario 2155EA
Armada 1520DM
Presario 2155US
Armada 1530
Presario 2156EA
Armada 1530D
Presario 2158EA
Armada 1530DM
Presario 2160EA
Armada 1535DM
Presario 2161EA
Armada 1540DM
Presario 2161US
Armada 1550DMT
Presario 2162EA
Armada 1560DM
Presario 2162US
Armada 1570
Presario 2163EA
Armada 1570D
Presario 2164EA
Armada 1571DM
Presario 2165EA
Armada 1571DMT
Presario 2166EA
Armada 1572
Presario 2167EA
Armada 1573DM
Presario 2169EA
Armada 1580DMT
Presario 2170US
Armada 1580DT
Presario 2172EA
Armada 1585DMT
Presario 2173EA
Armada 1590DMT
Presario 2175EA
Armada 1590DT
Presario 2175US
Armada 1592DMT
Presario 2176
Armada 1592DT
Presario 2186RS
Armada 1598DMT
Presario 2188CL
Armada 1598DT
Presario 2190US
Armada 1700
Presario 2195
Armada 1750
Presario 2195US
Armada 2900
Presario 2199US
Armada 2900D
Presario 2201
Armada 2940
Presario 2204US
Armada 4100
Presario 2210CA
Armada 4110
Presario 2210US
Armada 4110D
Presario 2227US
Armada 4120
Presario 2231AP
Armada 4120T
Presario 2231US
Armada 4125
Presario 2500
Armada 4125D
Presario 2500 Series
Armada 4130T
Presario 2500AP
Armada 4131
Presario 2500LA
Armada 4131T
Presario 2505AP
Armada 4150
Presario 2510AP
Armada 4160T
Presario 2510EA
Armada 4200
Presario 2510LA
Armada 4210
Presario 2511EA
Armada 4210T
Presario 2512EA
Armada 4220T
Presario 2515AP
Armada 6400
Presario 2515EA
Armada 6500
Presario 2516EA
Armada 7300
Presario 2520AP
Armada 7330MT
Presario 2520EA
Armada 7330T
Presario 2521EA
Armada 7350DMT
Presario 2525AP
Armada 7350MT
Presario 2525CA
Armada 7360DMT
Presario 2525EA
Armada 7362DMT
Presario 2525US
Armada 7370
Presario 2526EA
Armada 7370DMT
Presario 2528CL
Armada 7380
Presario 2529CL
Armada 7380DMT
Presario 2530AP
Armada 7700
Presario 2535AP
Armada 7710MT
Presario 2535QV
Armada 7730MT
Presario 2538CL
Armada 7750
Presario 2540
Armada 7750MT
Presario 2540AP
Armada 7760
Presario 2545AP
Armada 7770DMT
Presario 2545US
Armada 7790
Presario 2550AP
Armada 7790DMT
Presario 2555AP
Armada 7792
Presario 2555US
Armada 7792DMT
Presario 2560AP
Armada 7800
Presario 2565AP
Armada E500
Presario 2570US
Armada E500s
Presario 2575US
Armada E700
Presario 2580US
Armada M300
Presario 2585US
Armada M700
Presario 2590US
Armada V300
Presario 2594US
Business Notebook 2510p
Presario 2596US
Business Notebook 510
Presario 2597US
Business Notebook 6510b
Presario 2598US
Business Notebook 6515b
Presario 2700 series
Business Notebook 6530B
Presario 2700T
Business Notebook 6535B
Presario 2700US
Business Notebook 6710b
Presario 2701T
Business Notebook 6710s
Presario 2702TW
Business Notebook 6715b
Presario 2710US
Business Notebook 6715s
Presario 2715US
Business Notebook 6730B
Presario 2720US
Business Notebook 6730S
Presario 2800
Business Notebook 6735B
Presario 2800 series
Business Notebook 6910p
Presario 2800CA
Business Notebook 8710P
Presario 2800T
Business Notebook N1050V
Presario 2800US
Business Notebook NC2400
Presario 2801CL
Business Notebook NC4000
Presario 2805US
Business Notebook NC4010
Presario 2811CL
Business Notebook NC4200
Presario 300
Business Notebook NC4400
Presario 3000
Business Notebook NC6000
Presario 3000 Series
Business Notebook NC6100
Presario 3005US
Business Notebook NC6110
Presario 3008CL
Business Notebook NC6120
Presario 3015CA
Business Notebook NC6125
Presario 3015US
Business Notebook NC6140
Presario 3017CL
Business Notebook NC6200
Presario 3019CL
Business Notebook NC6220
Presario 3020US
Business Notebook NC6230
Presario 3045US
Business Notebook NC6320
Presario 305
Business Notebook NC6325
Presario 3050US
Business Notebook NC6400
Presario 306
Business Notebook NC8000
Presario 3080
Business Notebook NC8200
Presario 700
Business Notebook NC8230
Presario 700 series
Business Notebook NC8430
Presario 700US
Business Notebook NW8000
Presario 700Z
Business Notebook NW8200
Presario 701
Business Notebook NW8240
Presario 701CL
Business Notebook NW8440
Presario 701USZ
Business Notebook NW9440
Presario 705
Business Notebook NX4800
Presario 705US
Business Notebook NX4820
Presario 710
Business Notebook NX5000
Presario 711cl
Business Notebook NX6100
Presario 715
Business Notebook NX6110
Presario 720US
Business Notebook NX6115
Presario 721CL
Business Notebook NX6120
Presario 722US
Business Notebook NX6125
Presario 723RSH
Business Notebook NX6130
Presario 725
Business Notebook NX6310
Presario 725US
Business Notebook NX6315
Presario 730US
Business Notebook NX6320
Presario 732US
Business Notebook NX6325
Presario 797
Business Notebook NX6330
Presario 800
Business Notebook NX7000
Presario 800 series
Business Notebook NX7000 series
Presario 800XL
Business Notebook NX7010
Presario 80XL550
Business Notebook NX7100
Presario 900
Business Notebook NX7300
Presario 900 series
Business Notebook NX7400
Presario 900US
Business Notebook NX8200
Presario 905
Business Notebook NX8220
Presario 905US
Business Notebook NX8410
Presario 906US
Business Notebook NX8420
Presario 910
Business Notebook NX9000
Presario 910US
Business Notebook NX9005
Presario 912
Business Notebook NX9010
Presario 912rsh
Business Notebook NX9020
Presario 918
Business Notebook NX9030
Presario 918rsh
Business Notebook NX9040
Presario 920
Business Notebook NX9100
Presario 920US
Business Notebook NX9105
Presario A916NR
Business Notebook NX9110
Presario A931NR
Business Notebook NX9420
Presario A940NR
Business Notebook NX9600
Presario B1801TU
Business Notebook NX9905
Presario B1802TU
Concerto 4/25
Presario B1803TU
Concerto 4/50
Presario B1804TU
Concerto Subnotebook
Presario B1805TU
Contura 3/20
Presario B1806TU
Contura 3/25
Presario B1807TU
Contura 3/25C
Presario B1808TU
Contura 4/20
Presario B1809TU
Contura 4/25
Presario B1810TU
Contura 4/25C
Presario B1811TU
Contura 4/25CX
Presario B1812TU
Contura 400C
Presario B1813TU
Contura 400CX
Presario B1814TU
Contura 410C
Presario B1815TU
Contura 410CX
Presario B1816TU
Contura 420C
Presario B1817TU
Contura 420CX
Presario B1818TU
Contura 430C
Presario B1819TU
Contura 430CX
Presario B1820TU
Contura Aero 4/25
Presario B2801TX
Contura Aero 4/25C
Presario B2802TX
Contura Aero 4/33
Presario B2803TX
Contura Aero 4/33C
Presario B2804TX
Evo N1000 series
Presario B2805TX
Evo N1000c
Presario B2806TX
Evo N1000v
Presario B2807TX
Evo N1010v
Presario B2808TX
Evo N1015v
Presario B2809TX
Evo N1020v
Presario B2810TX
EVO N1033V
Presario B2811TX
Evo N105
Presario B2812TX
Evo N1050v
Presario B2813TX
Evo N110
Presario B2814TX
Evo N115
Presario B2815TX
Evo N150
Presario B2816TX
Evo N160
Presario B2817TX
Evo N180
Presario B2818TX
Evo N200
Presario B2819TX
Evo N400c
Presario B2820TX
Evo N410c
Presario C302NR
Evo N600
Presario C303NR
Evo N600c
Presario C304NR
Evo N610c
Presario C306US
Evo N620c
Presario C501
Evo N800
Presario C502
Evo N800 series
Presario C502US
Evo N800c
Presario C551NR
Evo N800v
Presario C552US
Evo N800w
Presario C555NR
Presario C563NR
LTE 286
Presario C571NR
LTE 5000
Presario C700 Series
LTE 5000CD
Presario C714NR
LTE 5000CX
Presario C727US
LTE 5080
Presario C751
LTE 5100
Presario C756
LTE 5150
Presario C762NR
LTE 5180
Presario C769US
LTE 5200
Presario C770US
LTE 5230
Presario C771US
LTE 5250
Presario CQ119CA
LTE 5280
Presario CQ40
LTE 5300
Presario CQ45
LTE 5380
Presario CQ50
LTE 5400
Presario CQ50-103NR
LTE 5500
Presario CQ50-105NR
LTE Elite 4/100
Presario CQ50-110US
LTE Elite 4/40
Presario CQ50-115NR
LTE Elite 4/40C
Presario CQ50-215NR
LTE Elite 4/40CX
Presario CQ60
LTE Elite 4/50
Presario CQ60-211DX
LTE Elite 4/50CX
Presario CQ60-215DX
LTE Elite 4/50E
Presario CQ60-410US
LTE Elite 4/75
Presario CQ60-417DX
LTE Elite 4/75C
Presario CQ60-418DX
LTE Elite 4/75CX
Presario CQ60-420US
LTE Elite 4/75CXL
Presario CQ61-313US
LTE Lite 4/25
Presario CQ70-100
LTE Lite 4/25C
Presario CQ70-100ER
LTE Lite 4/25E
Presario CQ70-101TX
LTE Lite 4/33C
Presario CQ70-102TU
LTE Lite 486
Presario CQ70-102TX
LTE Lite S20
Presario CQ70-103EB
LTE Lite/20
Presario CQ70-103EF
LTE Lite/25
Presario CQ70-103EM
LTE Lite/25C
Presario CQ70-103TU
LTE Lite/25E
Presario CQ70-103TX
Notebook 100
Presario CQ70-104TX
Presario CQ70-105EB
Presario CQ70-105EF
Presario CQ70-130ED
Presario CQ70-105TX
Presario 1000
Presario CQ70-110EB
Presario 1010
Presario CQ70-110EF
Presario 1020
Presario CQ70-110EM
Presario 1030
Presario CQ70-110EO
Presario 1040
Presario CQ70-110ER
Presario 1050
Presario CQ70-110ES
Presario 1060
Presario CQ70-111CA
Presario 1065
Presario CQ70-115EE
Presario 1070
Presario CQ70-115EF
Presario 1075
Presario CQ70-115EO
Presario 1080
Presario CQ70-115ES
Presario 1081
Presario CQ70-116EA
Presario 1090
Presario CQ70-116EM
Presario 1090ES
Presario CQ70-117CA
Presario 1200
Presario CQ70-118CA
Presario 1200T
Presario CQ70-118EF
Presario 1200US
Presario CQ70-118EO
Presario 1200XL
Presario CQ70-118NR
Presario 1200XL101
Presario CQ70-120EF
Presario 1200XL102
Presario CQ70-120EM
Presario 1200XL103
Presario CQ70-120EO
Presario 1200XL104
Presario CQ70-120ES
Presario 1200XL105
Presario CQ70-120US
Presario 1200XL106
Presario CQ70-123EO
Presario 1200XL109
Presario CQ70-124CA
Presario 1200XL110
Presario CQ70-125EO
Presario 1200XL111
Presario CQ70-127NR
Presario 1200XL118
Presario CQ70-128NR
Presario 1200XL119
Presario CQ70-130EG
Presario 1200XL125
Presario CQ70-130EO
Presario 1200XL126
Presario CQ70-134CA
Presario 1200XL127
Presario CQ70-135EO
Presario 1200XL199
Presario CQ70-140ED
Presario 1200XL3
Presario CQ70-140EG
Presario 1200XL300
Presario CQ70-150EG
Presario 1200XL325
Presario CQ70-150EV
Presario 1200XL401
Presario CQ70-158EZ
Presario 1200XL404
Presario F500 Series
Presario 1200XL406
Presario F557US
Presario 1200XL408
Presario F572US
Presario 1200XL409
Presario F700 Series
Presario 1200XL420
Presario F730US
Presario 1200XL423
Presario F736
Presario 1200XL500
Presario F750
Presario 1200XL505
Presario F750US
Presario 1200XL510
Presario F756NR
Presario 1200XL515
Presario F761CA
Presario 1200XL526
Presario F762NR
Presario 1201AP
Presario F763NR
Presario 1201Z
Presario F767NR
Presario 1207
Presario M2000 series
Presario 1210
Presario M2005
Presario 1214
Presario M2007
Presario 1214SR
Presario M2010
Presario 1215
Presario M2105US
Presario 1216
Presario M2108
Presario 1220
Presario M2305
Presario 1221
Presario M2401
Presario 1230
Presario R3000 Series
Presario 1232
Presario R3000T
Presario 1234
Presario R3000Z
Presario 1235
Presario R3001AP
Presario 1236
Presario R3001US
Presario 1237
Presario R3002AP
Presario 1240
Presario R3003AP
Presario 1242
Presario R3003US
Presario 1244
Presario R3004AP
Presario 1245
Presario R3004US
Presario 1246
Presario R3005AP
Presario 1247
Presario R3005US
Presario 1250
Presario R3006AP
Presario 1255
Presario R3007AP
Presario 1256
Presario R3010AP
Presario 1260
Presario R3010EA
Presario 1262
Presario R3012AP
Presario 1266
Presario R3013AP
Presario 1267
Presario R3014AP
Presario 1270
Presario R3015AP
Presario 1272
Presario R3016AP
Presario 1273
Presario R3017AP
Presario 1274
Presario R3018AP
Presario 1275
Presario R3024AP
Presario 1277
Presario R3030US
Presario 1278
Presario R3038CL
Presario 1279
Presario R3040EA
Presario 1280
Presario R3050US
Presario 12XL
Presario R3056RS
Presario 12XL series
Presario R3060CA
Presario 12XL115
Presario R3060EA
Presario 12XL125
Presario R3060US
Presario 12XL300
Presario R3065US
Presario 12XL310
Presario R3070US
Presario 12XL325
Presario R3101AP
Presario 12XL326
Presario R3111EA
Presario 12XL327
Presario R3112EA
Presario 12XL4
Presario R3113EA
Presario 12XL400
Presario R3114EA
Presario 12XL401
Presario R3116EA
Presario 12XL405
Presario R3117EA
Presario 12XL410
Presario R3119EA
Presario 12XL420
Presario R3120US
Presario 12XL426
Presario R3128RS
Presario 12XL427
Presario R3136EA
Presario 12XL430
Presario R3137EA
Presario 12XL500
Presario R3138EA
Presario 12XL505
Presario R3140US
Presario 12XL510
Presario R3145EA
Presario 1400
Presario R3150US
Presario 1400 series
Presario R3158IT
Presario 1400T
Presario R3190EA
Presario 1456
Presario R3200
Presario 14XL series
Presario R3201AP
Presario 14XL240
Presario R3201US
Presario 14XL245
Presario R3202AP
Presario 14XL340
Presario R3202US
Presario 14XL345
Presario R3205AP
Presario 1500
Presario R3210CA
Presario 1500 series
Presario R3210EA
Presario 1500T
Presario R3210US
Presario 1500US
Presario R3212EA
Presario 1501CL
Presario R3220CA
Presario 1505US
Presario R3220US
Presario 1510US
Presario R3230CA
Presario 1516US
Presario R3230US
Presario 1525US
Presario R3240EA
Presario 1529DH
Presario R3240US
Presario 1600
Presario R3245EA
Presario 1600XL145
Presario R3247US
Presario 1610
Presario R3248EA
Presario 1611
Presario R3249EA
Presario 1615
Presario R3250EA
Presario 1620
Presario R3251EA
Presario 1621
Presario R3255EA
Presario 1622
Presario R3275US
Presario 1625
Presario R3290US
Presario 1626
Presario R3306US
Presario 1630
Presario R3310CA
Presario 1635
Presario R3310CAF
Presario 1640
Presario R3310US
Presario 1650
Presario R3312AP
Presario 1655
Presario R3313AP
Presario 1665
Presario R3314AP
Presario 1670
Presario R3320CA
Presario 1672
Presario R3320US
Presario 1675
Presario R3340F
Presario 1680
Presario R3344EA
Presario 1681
Presario R3345EA
Presario 1682
Presario R3347EA
Presario 1685
Presario R334EA
Presario 1687
Presario R3360EA
Presario 1688
Presario R3360US
Presario 1690
Presario R3363EA
Presario 1692
Presario R3370US
Presario 1693
Presario R3400 CTO
Presario 1694
Presario R3410US
Presario 1700
Presario R3430US
Presario 1700T
Presario R3440CA
Presario 1700XL573
Presario R3440US
Presario 1710 (new version)
Presario R3470US
Presario 1710 (old version)
Presario R4000 (PL854AV)
Presario 1710LA
Presario R4000 (PL855AV)
Presario 1710SB (new version)
Presario R4000 (PN495AV)
Presario 1710SB (old version)
Presario R4000 series
Presario 1710TW
Presario R4003
Presario 1714EA
Presario R4012US
Presario 1719
Presario R4100 (EA460AV)
Presario 1720US
Presario R4100 (EA461AV)
Presario 17XL series
Presario R4146EA
Presario 17XL265
Presario V2000 series
Presario 17XL275
Presario V2000Z
Presario 17XL360
Presario V2010US
Presario 17XL362
Presario V2030US
Presario 17XL365
Presario V2100
Presario 17XL375
Presario V2110CA
Presario 17XL460
Presario V2110F
Presario 17XL465
Presario V2135
Presario 17XL475
Presario V2140CA
Presario 17XL570
Presario V2140F
Presario 17XL599
Presario V2140US
Presario 1800
Presario V2205
Presario 1800T
Presario V2210CA
Presario 1800T-800
Presario V2220US
Presario 1800T-850
Presario V2306
Presario 1800XL
Presario V2309
Presario 1800XL190
Presario V2310
Presario 1800XL280
Presario V2311
Presario 1800XL380
Presario V2312
Presario 1800XL390
Presario V2321
Presario 1800XL481
Presario V2401
Presario 1805
Presario V2402
Presario 1810
Presario V2403
Presario 1820
Presario V2405
Presario 1825
Presario V2405US
Presario 1827
Presario V2410
Presario 1830
Presario V2414
Presario 18XL series
Presario V2424
Presario 18XL191
Presario V2552US
Presario 18XL280
Presario V2555
Presario 18XL380
Presario V2565
Presario 18XL390
Presario V2570
Presario 18XL580
Presario V2582US
Presario 18XL590
Presario V2602XT
Presario 18XL676
Presario V2606
Presario 1900
Presario V2607CL
Presario 1900T
Presario V2610
Presario 1900T-366
Presario V2615US
Presario 1900T-400
Presario V2630US
Presario 1900XL
Presario V2658US
Presario 1910
Presario V2665US
Presario 1920
Presario V2670US
Presario 1925
Presario V2710US
Presario 1926
Presario V3000
Presario 1930
Presario V3000T
Presario 1950
Presario V3000Z
Presario 2100
Presario V3002XX
Presario 2100 Series
Presario V3010CA
Presario 2100AP
Presario V3010TU
Presario 2100CA
Presario V3010US
Presario 2100LA
Presario V3015CA
Presario 2100US
Presario V3015NR
Presario 2101AP
Presario V3016US
Presario 2101US
Presario V3017LA
Presario 2102AP
Presario V3018CL
Presario 2102EA
Presario V3018US
Presario 2102US
Presario V3019US
Presario 2103AP
Presario V3020CAl
Presario 2103EA
Presario V3020US
Presario 2104AP
Presario V3025AU
Presario 2104US
Presario V3029AU
Presario 2105AP
Presario V3030CA
Presario 2105CA
Presario V3030US
Presario 2105EA
Presario V3033AU
Presario 2105LA
Presario V3070TU
Presario 2105US
Presario V3110CA
Presario 2106AP
Presario V3120TU
Presario 2106EA
Presario V3122TU
Presario 2106US
Presario V3145AU
Presario 2107AP
Presario V3172TU
Presario 2107EA
Presario V3500 Series
Presario 2108EA
Presario V4000
Presario 2108US
Presario V4000 series
Presario 2109EA
Presario V4001
Presario 2110AP
Presario V4002
Presario 2110CA
Presario V4003
Presario 2110EA
Presario V4004
Presario 2110LA
Presario V4005
Presario 2110US
Presario V4015
Presario 2111AP
Presario V4020
Presario 2111EA
Presario V4310
Presario 2112AP
Presario V4435
Presario 2112EA
Presario V4440US
Presario 2113AP
Presario V5000 series
Presario 2114AP
Presario V5000T
Presario 2114EA
Presario V5000Z
Presario 2115AP
Presario V5005
Presario 2115EA
Presario V5015
Presario 2116AP
Presario V5088
Presario 2117AP
Presario V5099
Presario 2117EA
Presario V5101US
Presario 2118AD
Presario V5102
Presario 2118EA
Presario V5105
Presario 2119EA
Presario V5108CU
Presario 2120AD
Presario V5115US
Presario 2120AP
Presario V5119
Presario 2120EA
Presario V5120
Presario 2120LA
Presario V5160US
Presario 2122AD
Presario V5189
Presario 2123AD
Presario V5201US
Presario 2123AP
Presario V5208CA
Presario 2124AD
Presario V5303
Presario 2124AP
Presario V5305WM
Presario 2125AC
Presario V5306
Presario 2125AD
Presario V5315
Presario 2125AP
Presario V6000
Presario 2125EA
Presario V6000T
Presario 2126AC
Presario V6000Z
Presario 2126AD
Presario V6001XX
Presario 2126EA
Presario V6030US
Presario 2127AC
Presario V6048CL
Presario 2127AD
Presario V6101US
Presario 2127EA
Presario V6105NR
Presario 2128AC
Presario V6107US
Presario 2128AD
Presario V6110CA
Presario 2128EA
Presario V6110US
Presario 2129AD
Presario V6120CA
Presario 2129EA
Presario V6120US
Presario 2130AC
Presario V6130US
Presario 2130AD
Presario V6133CA
Presario 2130AP
Presario V6133CL
Presario 2130EA
Presario V6137US
Presario 2131AC
Presario V6143CL
Presario 2131AD
Presario V6171CL
Presario 2131EA
Presario V6205NR
Presario 2132AC
Presario V6210US
Presario 2132RS
Presario V6305NR
Presario 2133AC
Presario V6500 Series
Presario 2133AD
Presario X1000
Presario 2133AP
Presario X1000 series
Presario 2133EA
Presario X1010US
Presario 2134AD
Presario X1015
Presario 2134EA
Presario X1015US
Presario 2135AC
Presario X1018CL
Presario 2135AD
Presario X1020US
Presario 2135AP
Presario X1030
Presario 2135CA
Presario X1030US
Presario 2135EA
Presario X1031AP
Presario 2135US
Presario X1032AP
Presario 2136AC
Presario X1033AP
Presario 2136AD
Presario X1034AP
Presario 2136EA
Presario X1035AP
Presario 2136RSH
Presario X1036AP
Presario 2137AC
Presario X1037AP
Presario 2137AD
Presario X1039AP
Presario 2137EA
Presario X1040
Presario 2138AC
Presario X1040US
Presario 2138AD
Presario X1041AP
Presario 2138EA
Presario X1058CL
Presario 2139AC
Presario X1360US
Presario 2139AD
Presario X1460US
Presario 2140AC
Presario X6000
Presario 2140AD
Presario X6000 series
Presario 2140AP
Presario X6001
Presario 2140CA
Presario X6002
Presario 2140US
Presario X6003
Presario 2141AC
Presario X6050US
Presario 2141AD
Presario X6070US
Presario 2141EA
Presario X6105CL
Presario 2142EA
Presario X6110US
Presario 2143AD
Presario X6125CL
Presario 2143AP
Prosignia 150
Presario 2144AD
Prosignia 170
Presario 2144EA
Prosignia 190
Presario 2145AD
Tablet PC TC1000
Presario 2145AP
Tablet PC TC1100
Presario 2145CA
Tablet PC TC4200
Presario 2145EA
Tablet PC TC4400
Presario 2145US


400S Plus
ColorBook 2
Colorbook 486
Colorbook 486DX/33
Colorbook 486DX2/50
ColorBook 486SX/25
E-100M G
E-100M SB
E-155C G
E-265M G
E-475M G
M-150S Garnet Red
M-150S Pacific Blue
M-150S Slate Grey
M-150S Slate Grey Ridgeview
M-150X Garnet Red
M-150X Pacific Blue
M-150X Pacific Blue Ridgeview
M-150X Slate Grey Ridgeview
M-150XL Pacfic Blue Ridgeview
M-150XL Pacific Blue
M-150XL Slate Grey Ridgeview
M-151 Series
M-152 Series
M-153 Series
M-153S Blue
M-153S Red
M-153S Silver
M-153X Red
M-153X Silver
M-153XL Artic Bloom
M-153XL Blue
M-153XL Red
Nomad 325SXL
Nomad 420SXL
Nomad 425DXL
Nomad 425SXL
Nomad 450DXL
Nomad 450EXL
P-171S FX
P-172S FX
P-172XL FX
P-173X FX
P-173XL FX
P-6801M FX
P-6861J FX
Solo 1100
Solo 1150
Solo 1200
Solo 120XL
Solo 133
Solo 133XL
Solo 1400
Solo 1450
Solo 200
Solo 2000
Solo 2100
Solo 2150
Solo 2200
Solo 2300
Solo 2300 series
Solo 2300LS
Solo 2300XL
Solo 2500
Solo 2500 series
Solo 2500LS
Solo 2500SE
Solo 2500XL
Solo 2550
Solo 2551
Solo 3100 (Fireant)
Solo 3100SE (Fireant)
Solo 3100SL (Fireant)
Solo 3100XL (Fireant)
Solo 3150
Solo 3150S
Solo 3300
Solo 3300 Series
Solo 3350
Solo 3350CS
Solo 3400
Solo 5100
Solo 5100XL
Solo 5150LS
Solo 5150SE
Solo 5150XL
Solo 5300
Solo 5300 series
Solo 5300cl
Solo 5300cs
Solo 5300LS
Solo 5350
Solo 600YG2
Solo 600YGR
Solo 90XL
Solo 9100
Solo 9100 series
Solo 9100LS
M255-E SB
Solo 9100SE
Solo 9100XL
Solo 9150
Solo 9300
Solo 9300cx
Solo 9300VE
Solo 9300XL
Solo 9500
M285-E SB
Solo 9500cx
Solo 9550
Solo 9550CL
Solo P3C
Solo Pro 9300-E
Solo S5-120
Solo S5-133X
Solo S5-90XL
Solo S5210XL
Solo V120
Solo V75
M465-E SB
M685-E SB
Tablet PC M1200
Tablet PC M1300
V120 Deluxe
V75 Deluxe

Pavilion DV7-1001eg
4410T Mobile Thin Client
Pavilion DV7-1001tx
8710w Mobile Workstation
Pavilion DV7-1001xx
Business Notebook 2510p
Pavilion DV7-1002ea
Business Notebook 510
Pavilion DV7-1002tx
Business Notebook 6510b
Pavilion DV7-1002xx
Business Notebook 6515b
Pavilion DV7-1003ea
Business Notebook 6530B
Pavilion DV7-1003el
Business Notebook 6710b
Pavilion DV7-1003eo
Business Notebook 6710s
Pavilion DV7-1003tx
Business Notebook 6715b
Pavilion DV7-1003xx
Business Notebook 6715s
Pavilion DV7-1004ea
Business Notebook 6730B
Pavilion DV7-1004tx
Business Notebook 6730S
Pavilion DV7-1005ef
Business Notebook 6910p
Pavilion DV7-1005eg
Business Notebook 8710P
Pavilion DV7-1005eo
Business Notebook N1050V
Pavilion DV7-1005es
Business Notebook NC2400
Pavilion DV7-1005tx
Business Notebook NC4000
Pavilion DV7-1006tx
Business Notebook NC4010
Pavilion DV7-1007tx
Business Notebook NC4200
Pavilion DV7-1008ef
Business Notebook NC4400
Pavilion DV7-1008eg
Business Notebook NC6000
Pavilion DV7-1008tx
Business Notebook NC6100
Pavilion DV7-1009tx
Business Notebook NC6110
Pavilion DV7-1010ed
Business Notebook NC6120
Pavilion DV7-1010ef
Business Notebook NC6125
Pavilion DV7-1010eg
Business Notebook NC6140
Pavilion DV7-1010el
Business Notebook NC6200
Pavilion DV7-1010eo
Business Notebook NC6220
Pavilion DV7-1010es
Business Notebook NC6230
Pavilion DV7-1010et
Business Notebook NC6320
Pavilion DV7-1010tx
Business Notebook NC6325
Pavilion DV7-1011tx
Business Notebook NC6400
Pavilion DV7-1012tx
Business Notebook NC8000
Pavilion DV7-1013tx
Business Notebook NC8200
Pavilion DV7-1014ca
Business Notebook NC8230
Pavilion DV7-1014tx
Business Notebook NC8430
Pavilion DV7-1015eg
Business Notebook NW8000
Pavilion DV7-1015el
Business Notebook NW8200
Pavilion DV7-1015eo
Business Notebook NW8240
Pavilion DV7-1015tx
Business Notebook NW8440
Pavilion DV7-1016nr
Business Notebook NW9440
Pavilion DV7-1016tx
Business Notebook NX4800
Pavilion DV7-1017eo
Business Notebook NX4820
Pavilion DV7-1017tx
Business Notebook NX5000
Pavilion DV7-1018eg
Business Notebook NX6100
Pavilion DV7-1018tx
Business Notebook NX6110
Pavilion DV7-1019tx
Business Notebook NX6115
Pavilion DV7-1020ea
Business Notebook NX6120
Pavilion DV7-1020eg
Business Notebook NX6125
Pavilion DV7-1020el
Business Notebook NX6130
Pavilion DV7-1020eo
Business Notebook NX6310
Pavilion DV7-1020es
Business Notebook NX6315
Pavilion DV7-1020ev
Business Notebook NX6320
Pavilion DV7-1020ew
Business Notebook NX6325
Pavilion DV7-1020tx
Business Notebook NX6330
Pavilion DV7-1020us
Business Notebook NX7000
Pavilion DV7-1021tx
Business Notebook NX7000 series
Pavilion DV7-1022tx
Business Notebook NX7010
Pavilion DV7-1023cl
Business Notebook NX7100
Pavilion DV7-1023em
Business Notebook NX7300
Pavilion DV7-1023tx
Business Notebook NX7400
Pavilion DV7-1024el
Business Notebook NX8200
Pavilion DV7-1024tx
Business Notebook NX8220
Pavilion DV7-1025eg
Business Notebook NX8410
Pavilion DV7-1025NR
Business Notebook NX8420
Pavilion DV7-1025tx
Business Notebook NX9000
Pavilion DV7-1026tx
Business Notebook NX9000 series
Pavilion DV7-1027ca
Business Notebook NX9005
Pavilion DV7-1027tx
Business Notebook NX9008
Pavilion DV7-1029eg
Business Notebook NX9010
Pavilion DV7-1029tx
Business Notebook NX9020
Pavilion DV7-1030eb
Business Notebook NX9030
Pavilion DV7-1030ef
Business Notebook NX9040
Pavilion DV7-1030eg
Business Notebook NX9100
Pavilion DV7-1030el
Business Notebook NX9105
Pavilion DV7-1030en
Business Notebook NX9110
Pavilion DV7-1030eo
Business Notebook NX9420
Pavilion DV7-1030ep
Business Notebook NX9600
Pavilion DV7-1030es
Business Notebook NX9905
Pavilion DV7-1030ev
EliteBook 6930P
Pavilion DV7-1030tx
EliteBook 8530w
Pavilion DV7-1031tx
EliteBook 8730w
Pavilion DV7-1032tx
Pavilion DV7-1033tx
Pavilion DV7-1034ca
Pavilion DV7-1034tx
Pavilion DV7-1035ef
Pavilion DV7-1035em
HDX X16-1000
Pavilion DV7-1035eo
HDX X18-1001TX
Pavilion DV7-1035es
HDX X18-1001XX
Pavilion DV7-1038ca
HDX X18-1002TX
Pavilion DV7-1040ec
HDX X18-1003TX
Pavilion DV7-1040ef
HDX X18-1004TX
Pavilion DV7-1040em
HDX X18-1005EA
Pavilion DV7-1040eo
HDX X18-1005TX
Pavilion DV7-1040es
HDX X18-1006TX
Pavilion DV7-1040et
HDX X18-1007TX
Pavilion DV7-1040ew
HDX X18-1008TX
Pavilion DV7-1045eg
HDX X18-1009TX
Pavilion DV7-1045tx
HDX X18-1010EA
Pavilion DV7-1048ez
HDX X18-1010TX
Pavilion DV7-1050ea
HDX X18-1011TX
Pavilion DV7-1050eb
HDX X18-1012TX
Pavilion DV7-1050ed
HDX X18-1013TX
Pavilion DV7-1050ef
HDX X18-1014TX
Pavilion DV7-1050eg
HDX X18-1015TX
Pavilion DV7-1050eo
HDX X18-1016TX
Pavilion DV7-1050er
HDX X18-1017TX
Pavilion DV7-1051xx
HDX X18-1018TX
Pavilion DV7-1052xx
HDX X18-1020US
Pavilion DV7-1053ez
HDX X18-1023CA
Pavilion DV7-1053xx
HDX X18-1024CA
Pavilion DV7-1055ea
HDX X18-1027CL
Pavilion DV7-1060ec
HDX X18-1050EB
Pavilion DV7-1060ef
HDX X18-1050EF
Pavilion DV7-1060eg
HDX X18-1050ER
Pavilion DV7-1060el
HDX X18-1058CA
Pavilion DV7-1060em
HDX X18-1070EE
Pavilion DV7-1060en
HDX X18-1080ED
Pavilion DV7-1060eo
HDX X18-1080EG
Pavilion DV7-1060ep
HDX X18-1080EL
Pavilion DV7-1060ew
HDX X18-1080EP
Pavilion DV7-1060ez
HDX X18-1080ES
Pavilion DV7-1065ef
HDX X18-1080ET
Pavilion DV7-1067ef
HDX X18-1080EW
Pavilion DV7-1070eb
HDX X18-1088EZ
Pavilion DV7-1070ed
HDX X18-1090EZ
Pavilion DV7-1070ee
HDX X18-1099UX
Pavilion DV7-1070ef
HDX X18T-1000
Pavilion DV7-1070eg
Pavilion DV7-1070ei
Pavilion DV7-1070ek
Mobile Workstation NW8000
Pavilion DV7-1070el
OmniBook 2000
Pavilion DV7-1070eo
OmniBook 2000CS
Pavilion DV7-1070ev
OmniBook 2000CT
Pavilion DV7-1075la
OmniBook 2100
Pavilion DV7-1080ed
OmniBook 2100 series
Pavilion DV7-1080el
OmniBook 2103
Pavilion DV7-1080eo
OmniBook 2104
Pavilion DV7-1080es
OmniBook 2105
Pavilion DV7-1080ew
OmniBook 2106
Pavilion DV7-1080ez
OmniBook 2120
Pavilion DV7-1090eb
OmniBook 2121
Pavilion DV7-1090ed
OmniBook 2122
Pavilion DV7-1090en
OmniBook 2123
Pavilion DV7-1090eo
OmniBook 2124
Pavilion DV7-1090er
OmniBook 2125
Pavilion DV7-1092eo
OmniBook 2126
Pavilion DV7-1093eo
OmniBook 2127
Pavilion DV7-1094eo
OmniBook 3000
Pavilion DV7-1095eo
OmniBook 3000CTX
Pavilion DV7-1098eo
OmniBook 3100
Pavilion DV7-1099ef
OmniBook 3101
Pavilion DV7-1123ca
OmniBook 3102
Pavilion DV7-1128ca
OmniBook 3250
Pavilion DV7-1130us
OmniBook 4000
Pavilion DV7-1135NR
OmniBook 4000C
Pavilion DV7-1137
OmniBook 4000CT
Pavilion DV7-1150us
OmniBook 4000E
Pavilion DV7-1153ca
OmniBook 4000M
Pavilion DV7-1157NR
OmniBook 4100
Pavilion DV7-1170us
OmniBook 4101
Pavilion DV7-1174ca
OmniBook 4102
Pavilion DV7-1177ca
OmniBook 4103
Pavilion DV7-1243CL
OmniBook 4104
Pavilion DV7-1245DX
OmniBook 4105
Pavilion DV7-1285DX
OmniBook 4106
Pavilion DV7-1448DX
OmniBook 4107
Pavilion DV7-1451NR
OmniBook 4108
Pavilion DV7-2185DX
OmniBook 4110
Pavilion DV7/CT
OmniBook 4111
Pavilion DV7t
OmniBook 4150
Pavilion DV7t-1000
OmniBook 4150B
Pavilion DV7z
OmniBook 500
Pavilion DV7z-1000
OmniBook 5000
Pavilion DV8000
OmniBook 5000C
Pavilion DV8000T
OmniBook 5000CT
Pavilion DV8000Z
OmniBook 5000CTS
Pavilion DV8110
OmniBook 5000VL
Pavilion DV8113
OmniBook 500B
Pavilion DV8120US
OmniBook 5500
Pavilion DV8125
OmniBook 5500CD
Pavilion DV8130US
OmniBook 5500CS
Pavilion DV8135
OmniBook 5500CT
Pavilion DV8210US
OmniBook 5700
Pavilion DV8220US
OmniBook 5700CT
Pavilion DV8225NR
OmniBook 6000
Pavilion DV8230US
OmniBook 6000 series
Pavilion DV8233CL
OmniBook 6000B
Pavilion DV8235NR
OmniBook 6000C
Pavilion DV8280US
OmniBook 6100
Pavilion DV8309US
OmniBook 7000
Pavilion DV8320US
OmniBook 7100
Pavilion DV8327CA
OmniBook 7103T
Pavilion DV8380US
OmniBook 7150
Pavilion DV9000 Series
OmniBook 900
Pavilion DV9000z
OmniBook CTX
Pavilion DV9001XX
OmniBook XE
Pavilion DV9005CA
OmniBook XE 4100
Pavilion DV9005US
OmniBook XE 4400
Pavilion DV9006TX
OmniBook XE 4500
Pavilion DV9007TX
OmniBook XE-DA
Pavilion DV9008EA
OmniBook XE2
Pavilion DV9008NR
OmniBook XE2-DA
Pavilion DV9009
OmniBook XE2-DB
Pavilion DV9009CA
OmniBook XE2-DC
Pavilion DV9009CL
OmniBook XE2-DD
Pavilion DV9009NR
OmniBook XE2-DE
Pavilion DV9009US
OmniBook XE2-DI
Pavilion DV9010
OmniBook XE3
Pavilion DV9010CA
OmniBook XE3L
Pavilion DV9010US
OmniBook XT1000
Pavilion DV9011TX
OmniBook XT6200
Pavilion DV9013CA
Pavilion 6000
Pavilion DV9013CL
Pavilion DV1000
Pavilion DV9014TX
Pavilion DV1000 series
Pavilion DV9015
Pavilion DV1000T
Pavilion DV9016
Pavilion DV1010CA
Pavilion DV9017
Pavilion DV1010CAF
Pavilion DV9018TX
Pavilion DV1010ep
Pavilion DV9019
Pavilion DV1010US
Pavilion DV9020
Pavilion DV1040CA
Pavilion DV9021TX
Pavilion DV1040US
Pavilion DV9022TX
Pavilion DV1042tx
Pavilion DV9024EA
Pavilion DV1130
Pavilion DV9030US
Pavilion DV1133
Pavilion DV9033US
Pavilion DV1150US
Pavilion DV9035NR
Pavilion DV1207
Pavilion DV9040US
Pavilion DV1217
Pavilion DV9060US
Pavilion DV1220
Pavilion DV9074CL
Pavilion DV1227
Pavilion DV9095EA
Pavilion DV1240
Pavilion DV9100 Series
Pavilion DV1240US
Pavilion DV9200
Pavilion DV1310
Pavilion DV9200 Series
Pavilion DV1311
Pavilion DV9205US
Pavilion DV1321
Pavilion DV9207US
Pavilion DV1331
Pavilion DV9208NR
Pavilion DV1340
Pavilion DV9210US
Pavilion DV1410
Pavilion DV9220US
Pavilion DV1411
Pavilion DV9230US
Pavilion DV1420
Pavilion DV9235NR
Pavilion DV1510
Pavilion DV9260NR
Pavilion DV1520US
Pavilion DV9260US
Pavilion DV1530US
Pavilion DV9308NR
Pavilion DV1540US
Pavilion DV9310US
Pavilion DV1580
Pavilion DV9335NR
Pavilion DV1622NR
Pavilion DV9408NR
Pavilion DV1629US
Pavilion DV9410US
Pavilion DV1648US
Pavilion DV9420US
Pavilion DV1650US
Pavilion DV9428
Pavilion DV1657CL
Pavilion DV9500 Series
Pavilion DV1658US
Pavilion DV9525US
Pavilion DV1659US
Pavilion DV9535US
Pavilion DV1660CA
Pavilion DV9540US
Pavilion DV1680US
Pavilion DV9600 Series
Pavilion DV2000
Pavilion DV9608NR
Pavilion DV2000T
Pavilion DV9610US
Pavilion DV2000Z
Pavilion DV9620ED
Pavilion DV2001tu
Pavilion DV9620NR
Pavilion DV2001tx
Pavilion DV9620US
Pavilion DV2002TU
Pavilion DV9628NR
Pavilion DV2002tx
Pavilion DV9640US
Pavilion DV2003ea
Pavilion DV9650US
Pavilion DV2003tu
Pavilion DV9700T
Pavilion DV2003tx
Pavilion DV9715NR
Pavilion DV2004ea
Pavilion DV9720US
Pavilion DV2004tu
Pavilion DV9730
Pavilion DV2004tx
Pavilion DV9810US
Pavilion DV2004xx
Pavilion DV9812US
Pavilion DV2005ea
Pavilion DV9815NR
Pavilion DV2005tu
Pavilion DV9825NR
Pavilion DV2005tx
Pavilion DV9910US
Pavilion DV2005XX
Pavilion DV9925NR
Pavilion DV2006ea
Pavilion DV9933CL
Pavilion DV2006tu
Pavilion G50-104NR
Pavilion DV2006tx
Pavilion G50-109NR
Pavilion DV2006XX
Pavilion G60-120US
Pavilion DV2007ea
Pavilion G60-125NR
Pavilion DV2007tx
Pavilion G60-126CA
Pavilion DV2008ea
Pavilion G60-127NR
Pavilion DV2008tu
Pavilion G60-230US
Pavilion DV2009xx
Pavilion G60-235DX
Pavilion DV2011tx
Pavilion G60-244DX
Pavilion DV2011xx
Pavilion G60-440US
Pavilion DV2012TX
Pavilion G60-441US
Pavilion DV2013tu
Pavilion G60-445DX
Pavilion DV2013TX
Pavilion G60-458DX
Pavilion DV2015NR
Pavilion G60-501NR
Pavilion DV2020CA
Pavilion G60-530US
Pavilion DV2020ea
Pavilion G62-144DX
Pavilion DV2020US
Pavilion G70-460US
Pavilion DV2023TU
Pavilion G71-340US
Pavilion DV2023TX
Pavilion HDX 16
Pavilion DV2024tx
Pavilion HDX 18
Pavilion DV2025LA
Pavilion N3000 series
Pavilion DV2025NR
Pavilion N3100
Pavilion DV2025TU
Pavilion N3110
Pavilion DV2028ea
Pavilion N3150
Pavilion DV2029ea
Pavilion N3190
Pavilion DV2030ea
Pavilion N3210
Pavilion DV2031ea
Pavilion N3215
Pavilion DV2031tu
Pavilion N3250
Pavilion DV2032ea
Pavilion N3270
Pavilion DV2033ea
Pavilion N3290
Pavilion DV2034ea
Pavilion N3295
Pavilion DV2035ea
Pavilion N3310
Pavilion DV2035LA
Pavilion N3330
Pavilion DV2035US
Pavilion N3350
Pavilion DV2036ea
Pavilion N3370
Pavilion DV2037US
Pavilion N3390
Pavilion DV2040CA
Pavilion N3400 series
Pavilion DV2040US
Pavilion N3402
Pavilion DV2046TU
Pavilion N3410
Pavilion DV2047CL
Pavilion N3438
Pavilion DV2049tx
Pavilion N3478
Pavilion DV2050US
Pavilion N3490
Pavilion DV2053ea
Pavilion N5000
Pavilion DV2064ea
Pavilion N5100 series
Pavilion DV2065ea
Pavilion N5125
Pavilion DV2100 Series
Pavilion N5130
Pavilion DV2101au
Pavilion N5150
Pavilion DV2101tx
Pavilion N5170
Pavilion DV2101xx
Pavilion N5190
Pavilion DV2102eu
Pavilion N5195
Pavilion DV2102tx
Pavilion N5200 series
Pavilion DV2103ea
Pavilion N5210
Pavilion DV2103tx
Pavilion N5210M
Pavilion DV2104au
Pavilion N5240
Pavilion DV2104eu
Pavilion N5250
Pavilion DV2104tu
Pavilion N5259
Pavilion DV2104tx
Pavilion N5270
Pavilion DV2105xx

Pavilion N5511L
Pavilion DV2121tu
Pavilion N5584
Pavilion DV2121tx
Pavilion N6000 series
Pavilion DV2122tu
Pavilion N6100
Pavilion DV2122tx
Pavilion N6195
Pavilion DV2123tx
Pavilion N6490
Pavilion DV2124tu
Pavilion tx1000 Series
Pavilion DV2124tx

Pavilion tx1020ea
Pavilion DV2126tu
Pavilion tx1040ea
Pavilion DV2126tx
Pavilion tx1100 Series
Pavilion DV2127tx
Pavilion tx1110us
Pavilion DV2128tx
Pavilion tx1115nr
Pavilion DV2129ea
Pavilion tx1119us
Pavilion DV2129us
Pavilion tx1200 Series
Pavilion DV2130ea
Pavilion tx1205us
Pavilion DV2130la
Pavilion tx1210us
Pavilion DV2130tx
Pavilion tx1212nr
Pavilion DV2130US
Pavilion tx1215nr
Pavilion DV2131ea
Pavilion tx1220us
Pavilion DV2131tx
Pavilion tx1300 Series
Pavilion DV2132ea
Pavilion tx1305us
Pavilion DV2132tx
Pavilion tx1308nr
Pavilion DV2133ea
Pavilion tx1320us
Pavilion DV2133tx
Pavilion tx1400 Series
Pavilion DV2134ea
Pavilion tx1410US
Pavilion DV2134tx
Pavilion tx2000 Series
Pavilion DV2134us
Pavilion tx2000z
Pavilion DV2135br
Pavilion TX2110US
Pavilion DV2135la
Pavilion TX2510US
Pavilion DV2137tx
Pavilion TX2525NR
Pavilion DV2138tx
Pavilion XF series
Pavilion DV2138XX
Pavilion XF145
Pavilion DV2139tx
Pavilion XF255
Pavilion DV2140la
Pavilion XF328
Pavilion DV2140tx
Pavilion XF335
Pavilion DV2141tx
Pavilion XH series
Pavilion DV2144tx
Pavilion XH156
Pavilion DV2145br
Pavilion XH176
Pavilion DV2145tx
Pavilion XH215
Pavilion DV2146tx
Pavilion XH226
Pavilion DV2147ea
Pavilion XH260
Pavilion DV2147tx
Pavilion XH35
Pavilion DV2148tx
Pavilion XH365
Pavilion DV2149ea
Pavilion XH395
Pavilion DV2149tx
Pavilion XH455
Pavilion DV2150ea
Pavilion XH485
Pavilion DV2150tx
Pavilion XH555
Pavilion DV2151ea
Pavilion XH675
Pavilion DV2151tx
Pavilion XH692
Pavilion DV2152ea
Pavilion XT series
Pavilion DV2152tx
Pavilion XT1135
Pavilion DV2153tx
Pavilion XT118
Pavilion DV2154tx
Pavilion XT155
Pavilion DV2155tx
Pavilion XT236
Pavilion DV2156tx
Pavilion XT276
Pavilion DV2157tx
Pavilion XT375
Pavilion DV2160la
Pavilion XT412
Pavilion DV2161tx
Pavilion XT4345QV
Pavilion DV2171CA
Pavilion XT5300
Pavilion DV2171CL
Pavilion XT5366WM
Pavilion DV2172ea
Pavilion XT537QV
Pavilion DV2173ea
Pavilion XT545
Pavilion DV2174CL
Pavilion XT5477WM
Pavilion DV2174ea
Pavilion XT595
Pavilion DV2175ea
Pavilion XZ series
Pavilion DV2184ea
Pavilion XZ168
Pavilion DV2185ea
Pavilion XZ185
Pavilion DV2188ea
Pavilion XZ275
Pavilion DV2190ea
Pavilion XZ295
Pavilion DV2196ea
Pavilion XZ355
Pavilion DV2197ea
Pavilion ZD7000
Pavilion DV2200 CTO
Pavilion ZD7000 Series
Pavilion DV2200 Series
Pavilion ZD7001EA
Pavilion DV2201ca
Pavilion ZD7001US
Pavilion DV2201tx
Pavilion ZD7005EA
Pavilion DV2201xx
Pavilion ZD7005QV
Pavilion DV2202ca
Pavilion ZD7005US
Pavilion DV2202tu
Pavilion ZD7009EA
Pavilion DV2202tx
Pavilion ZD7010
Pavilion DV2203au
Pavilion ZD7010CA
Pavilion DV2207tx
Pavilion ZD7010EA
Pavilion DV2208tx
Pavilion ZD7010QV
Pavilion DV2209tx
Pavilion ZD7010US
Pavilion DV2210US
Pavilion ZD7015EA
Pavilion DV2211tx
Pavilion ZD7015US
Pavilion DV2213ca
Pavilion ZD7020EA
Pavilion DV2213cl
Pavilion ZD7020US
Pavilion DV2213tu
Pavilion ZD7030EA
Pavilion DV2214US
Pavilion ZD7030US
Pavilion DV2225NR
Pavilion ZD7040
Pavilion DV2310US
Pavilion ZD7058CL
Pavilion DV2312
Pavilion ZD7140US
Pavilion DV2315NR
Pavilion ZD7160US
Pavilion DV2415
Pavilion ZD7249CL
Pavilion DV2416US
Pavilion ZD7260
Pavilion DV2418NR
Pavilion ZD7269
Pavilion DV2419US
Pavilion ZD7310CA
Pavilion DV2420
Pavilion ZD7310CAF
Pavilion DV2514TX
Pavilion ZD7310US
Pavilion DV2550SE
Pavilion ZD7360US
Pavilion DV2610US
Pavilion ZD7380CA
Pavilion DV2615US
Pavilion ZD7380US
Pavilion DV2620US
Pavilion ZD8000
Pavilion DV2660SE
Pavilion ZD8000 series
Pavilion DV2700 Series
Pavilion ZD8001
Pavilion DV2710CA
Pavilion ZD8001AP
Pavilion DV2710US
Pavilion ZD8002
Pavilion DV2715
Pavilion ZD8002AP
Pavilion DV2715NR
Pavilion ZD8003
Pavilion DV2718US
Pavilion ZD8003AP
Pavilion DV2719
Pavilion ZD8004
Pavilion DV2742SE
Pavilion ZD8007EA
Pavilion DV2745SE
Pavilion ZD8008EA
Pavilion DV2807NR
PavilioN ZD8010
Pavilion DV2810US
Pavilion ZD8010EA
Pavilion DV2815NR
Pavilion ZD8011
Pavilion DV2845SE
Pavilion ZD8015EA
Pavilion DV2910US
Pavilion ZD8020EA
Pavilion DV2911US
Pavilion ZD8030EA
Pavilion DV2915NR
Pavilion ZD8043EA
Pavilion DV2940SE
Pavilion ZD8044EA
Pavilion DV2945SE
Pavilion ZD8045EA
Pavilion DV2990NR
Pavilion ZD8047EA
Pavilion DV3-1000
Pavilion ZD8048EA
Pavilion DV3-1051xx
Pavilion ZD8050EA
Pavilion DV3-1073CL
Pavilion ZD8050LA
Pavilion DV3-1075CA
Pavilion ZD8051EA
Pavilion DV3-1075US
Pavilion ZD8052EA
Pavilion DV3-1077CA
Pavilion ZD8053EA
Pavilion DV3-2000
Pavilion ZD8054EA
Pavilion DV3-2010EL
Pavilion ZD8055US
Pavilion DV3-2010ET
Pavilion ZD8060CA
Pavilion DV3-2020EI
Pavilion ZD8060US
Pavilion DV3-2020EL
Pavilion ZD8070EA
Pavilion DV3-2020ET
Pavilion ZD8072EA
Pavilion DV3-2030EF
Pavilion ZD8075EA
Pavilion DV3-2030EK
Pavilion ZD8077EA
Pavilion DV3-2030EZ
Pavilion ZD8078EA
Pavilion DV3-2033EG
Pavilion ZD8079EA
Pavilion DV3-2060EK
Pavilion ZD8080
Pavilion DV3-2070ES
Pavilion ZD8080EA
Pavilion DV3-2150
Pavilion ZD8080US
Pavilion DV3-2155MX
Pavilion ZD8105CA
Pavilion DV3000/CT
Pavilion ZD8110
Pavilion DV3001TX
Pavilion ZD8110US
Pavilion DV3002TX
Pavilion ZD8115US
Pavilion DV3003TX
Pavilion ZD8120CL
Pavilion DV3004TX
Pavilion ZD8147EA
Pavilion DV3005TX
Pavilion ZD8185EA
Pavilion DV3006TX
Pavilion ZD8200 (PU741AV)
Pavilion DV3007TX
Pavilion ZD8205
Pavilion DV3008TX
Pavilion ZD8205US
Pavilion DV3009TX
Pavilion ZD8210CA
Pavilion DV3010TX
Pavilion ZD8215
Pavilion DV3011TX
Pavilion ZD8215US
Pavilion DV3012TX
Pavilion ZD8220US
Pavilion DV3013TX
Pavilion ZD8225CA
Pavilion DV3014TX
Pavilion ZD8230
Pavilion DV3015TX
Pavilion ZD8230US
Pavilion DV3016TX
Pavilion ZD8333CL
Pavilion DV3017TX
Pavilion ZD8430CA
Pavilion DV3018TX
Pavilion ZE1000
Pavilion DV3019TX
Pavilion ZE1000 series
Pavilion DV3020TX
Pavilion ZE1001
Pavilion DV3021TX
Pavilion ZE1110
Pavilion DV3022TX
Pavilion ZE1115
Pavilion DV3023TX
Pavilion ZE1210
Pavilion DV3024TX
Pavilion ZE1220
Pavilion DV3025TX
Pavilion ZE1230
Pavilion DV3026TX
Pavilion ZE1238
Pavilion DV3027TX
Pavilion ZE1250
Pavilion DV3028TX
Pavilion ZE2000
Pavilion DV3029TX
Pavilion ZE2000 series
Pavilion DV3030TX
Pavilion ZE2002AP
Pavilion DV3500T
Pavilion ZE2108
Pavilion DV3510NR
Pavilion ZE2113
Pavilion DV3Z-1000
Pavilion ZE2117US
Pavilion DV4-1007ef
Pavilion ZE2308WM
Pavilion DV4-1125nr
Pavilion ZE2315
Pavilion DV4-1145GO
Pavilion ZE2401
Pavilion DV4-1155SE
Pavilion ZE4000 Series
Pavilion DV4-1220US
Pavilion ZE4100
Pavilion DV4-1225DX
Pavilion ZE4100 Series
Pavilion DV4-1227US
Pavilion ZE4115
Pavilion DV4-1275MX
Pavilion ZE4125
Pavilion DV4-1430US
Pavilion ZE4145
Pavilion DV4-1433US
Pavilion ZE4200 Series
Pavilion DV4-1435DX
Pavilion ZE4210
Pavilion DV4-1465DX
Pavilion ZE4218
Pavilion DV4-2165DX
Pavilion ZE4220
Pavilion DV4000 series
Pavilion ZE4228
Pavilion DV4030US
Pavilion ZE4230
Pavilion DV4040
Pavilion ZE4232S
Pavilion DV4130
Pavilion ZE4236
Pavilion DV4150
Pavilion ZE4239
Pavilion DV4170
Pavilion ZE4240
Pavilion DV4217CL
Pavilion ZE4268
Pavilion DV4230
Pavilion ZE4284
Pavilion DV4250
Pavilion ZE4288
Pavilion DV4269
Pavilion ZE4294
Pavilion DV4275
Pavilion ZE4298
Pavilion DV4305US
Pavilion ZE4300
Pavilion DV4307
Pavilion ZE4300 Series
Pavilion DV4335
Pavilion ZE4315CA
Pavilion DV4340US
Pavilion ZE4315US
Pavilion DV4405
Pavilion ZE4325CA
Pavilion DV4419US
Pavilion ZE4325US
Pavilion DV4420US
Pavilion ZE4335US
Pavilion DV4T
Pavilion ZE4365US
Pavilion DV4Z
Pavilion ZE4400
Pavilion DV5-1000
Pavilion ZE4400 Series
Pavilion DV5-1000ea
Pavilion ZE4401
Pavilion DV5-1000us
Pavilion ZE4402
Pavilion DV5-1001au
Pavilion ZE4420
Pavilion DV5-1001ax
Pavilion ZE4427
Pavilion DV5-1001tu
Pavilion ZE4430
Pavilion DV5-1001tx
Pavilion ZE4455EA
Pavilion DV5-1002au
Pavilion ZE4465
Pavilion DV5-1002ax
Pavilion ZE4510
Pavilion DV5-1002nr
Pavilion ZE4530US
Pavilion DV5-1002us
Pavilion ZE4540US
Pavilion DV5-1003ax
Pavilion ZE4547
Pavilion DV5-1003cl
Pavilion ZE4560US
Pavilion DV5-1003nr
Pavilion ZE4610US
Pavilion DV5-1003tx
Pavilion ZE4630US
Pavilion DV5-1004ax
Pavilion ZE4805US
Pavilion DV5-1004nr
Pavilion ZE4900
Pavilion DV5-1004tx
Pavilion ZE4901US
Pavilion DV5-1005ax
Pavilion ZE4904US
Pavilion DV5-1005ef
Pavilion ZE4906US
Pavilion DV5-1005eg
Pavilion ZE4907
Pavilion DV5-1005em
Pavilion ZE4908US
Pavilion DV5-1005tx
Pavilion ZE4910CA
Pavilion DV5-1006ax
Pavilion ZE4910US
Pavilion DV5-1006tx
Pavilion ZE4911US
Pavilion DV5-1007ax
Pavilion ZE4930
Pavilion DV5-1007ca
Pavilion ZE4947
Pavilion DV5-1007cl
Pavilion ZE5000
Pavilion DV5-1007ef
Pavilion ZE5000 series
Pavilion DV5-1007tx
Pavilion ZE5155
Pavilion DV5-1008ax
Pavilion ZE5165
Pavilion DV5-1008ca
Pavilion ZE5170
Pavilion DV5-1008ea
Pavilion ZE5185
Pavilion DV5-1008tx
Pavilion ZE5200
Pavilion DV5-1009ax
Pavilion ZE5270
Pavilion DV5-1009ea
Pavilion ZE5279
Pavilion DV5-1009tx
Pavilion ZE5300
Pavilion DV5-1010ea
Pavilion ZE5366
Pavilion DV5-1010ef
Pavilion ZE5375US
Pavilion DV5-1010eg
Pavilion ZE5385US
Pavilion DV5-1010et
Pavilion ZE5395US
Pavilion DV5-1010tx
Pavilion ZE5470US
Pavilion DV5-1010us
Pavilion ZE5475CA
Pavilion DV5-1011ea
Pavilion ZE5475F
Pavilion DV5-1011tx
Pavilion ZE5478CL
Pavilion DV5-1012ea
Pavilion ZE5490US
Pavilion DV5-1012tx
Pavilion ZE5560
Pavilion DV5-1013tx
Pavilion ZE5570US
Pavilion DV5-1014tx
Pavilion ZE5580US
Pavilion DV5-1015ea
Pavilion ZE5602
Pavilion DV5-1015nr
Pavilion ZE5604RS
Pavilion DV5-1015tx
Pavilion ZE5607WM
Pavilion DV5-1016tx
Pavilion ZE5615SR
Pavilion DV5-1017nr
Pavilion ZE5620US
Pavilion DV5-1017tx
Pavilion ZE5630US
Pavilion DV5-1018tx
Pavilion ZE5700
Pavilion DV5-1019tx
Pavilion ZE5715CA
Pavilion DV5-1020ef
Pavilion ZE5720US
Pavilion DV5-1020el
Pavilion ZE5730US
Pavilion DV5-1020et
Pavilion ZE5738RS
Pavilion DV5-1020tx
Pavilion ZT series
Pavilion DV5-1021tx
Pavilion ZT1000
Pavilion DV5-1022el
Pavilion ZT1114
Pavilion DV5-1022tx
Pavilion ZT1121s
Pavilion DV5-1023tx
Pavilion ZT1125
Pavilion DV5-1024el
Pavilion ZT1130
Pavilion DV5-1024tx
Pavilion ZT1131s
Pavilion DV5-1025tx
Pavilion ZT1135
Pavilion DV5-1026tx
Pavilion ZT1137D
Pavilion DV5-1027tx
Pavilion ZT1141
Pavilion DV5-1028ca
Pavilion ZT1145
Pavilion DV5-1028tx
Pavilion ZT1150
Pavilion DV5-1029tx
Pavilion ZT1151
Pavilion DV5-1030ef
Pavilion ZT1152
Pavilion DV5-1030el
Pavilion ZT1155
Pavilion DV5-1030ep
Pavilion ZT1161
Pavilion DV5-1030es
Pavilion ZT1162
Pavilion DV5-1030tx
Pavilion ZT1170
Pavilion DV5-1031tx
Pavilion ZT1171
Pavilion DV5-1032el
Pavilion ZT1175
Pavilion DV5-1032tx
Pavilion ZT1180
Pavilion DV5-1033tx
Pavilion ZT1185
Pavilion DV5-1034ca
Pavilion ZT1190
Pavilion DV5-1034el
Pavilion ZT1195
Pavilion DV5-1034tx
Pavilion ZT1200 series
Pavilion DV5-1035tx
Pavilion ZT1201
Pavilion DV5-1036tx
Pavilion ZT1230
Pavilion DV5-1037tx
Pavilion ZT1250
Pavilion DV5-1038tx
Pavilion ZT1253
Pavilion DV5-1039tx
Pavilion ZT1260
Pavilion DV5-10403ep
Pavilion ZT1270
Pavilion DV5-1040ec
Pavilion ZT1290
Pavilion DV5-1040ee
Pavilion ZT3000
Pavilion DV5-1040eg
Pavilion ZT3000 Series
Pavilion DV5-1040eh
Pavilion ZT3010US
Pavilion DV5-1040er
Pavilion ZT3280US
Pavilion DV5-1040et
Pavilion ZT3350US
Pavilion DV5-1040ew
Pavilion ZT3380US
Pavilion DV5-1040ez
Pavilion ZT4000
Pavilion DV5-1040tx
Pavilion ZT4000 series

Pavilion DV5-1041tx
Pavilion ZV5000
Pavilion DV5-1043tx
Pavilion ZV5000 Series
Pavilion DV5-1044ca
Pavilion ZV5000T
Pavilion DV5-1044tx
Pavilion ZV5000Z
Pavilion DV5-1045tx
Pavilion ZV5001AP
Pavilion DV5-1046tx
Pavilion ZV5001US
Pavilion DV5-1048er
Pavilion ZV5002AP
Pavilion DV5-1050ei
Pavilion ZV5005AP
Pavilion DV5-1050ek
Pavilion ZV5006AP
Pavilion DV5-1050er
Pavilion ZV5007AP
Pavilion DV5-1050es
Pavilion ZV5007LA
Pavilion DV5-1060ec
Pavilion ZV5008AP
Pavilion DV5-1060ee
Pavilion ZV5009AP
Pavilion DV5-1060ew
Pavilion ZV5011AP
Pavilion DV5-1070ec
Pavilion ZV5013AP
Pavilion DV5-1070ee
Pavilion ZV5014AP
Pavilion DV5-1070er
Pavilion ZV5015AP
Pavilion DV5-1070es
Pavilion ZV5016AP
Pavilion DV5-1070ew
Pavilion ZV5017AP
Pavilion DV5-1080eh
Pavilion ZV5018AP
Pavilion DV5-1080ei
Pavilion ZV5019AP
Pavilion DV5-1080el
Pavilion ZV5022AP
Pavilion DV5-1087eo
Pavilion ZV5023AP
Pavilion DV5-1090es
Pavilion ZV5024AP
Pavilion DV5-1093
Pavilion ZV5030CA
Pavilion DV5-1094eo
Pavilion ZV5030US
Pavilion DV5-1094xx
Pavilion ZV5034US
Pavilion DV5-1095eo
Pavilion ZV5037WM
Pavilion DV5-1096xx
Pavilion ZV5045EA
Pavilion DV5-1098xx
Pavilion ZV5101US
Pavilion DV5-1099xx
Pavilion ZV5102AP
Pavilion DV5-1100
Pavilion ZV5103AP
Pavilion DV5-1125nr
Pavilion ZV5105
Pavilion DV5-1150us
Pavilion ZV5120US
Pavilion DV5-1157CA
Pavilion ZV5142EA
Pavilion DV5-1160US
Pavilion ZV5160US
Pavilion DV5-1235DX
Pavilion ZV5175EA
Pavilion DV5/CT
Pavilion ZV5176EA
Pavilion DV5000 series
Pavilion ZV5177EA
Pavilion DV5000T
Pavilion ZV5178EA
Pavilion DV5000Z
Pavilion ZV5179EA
Pavilion DV5020
Pavilion ZV5180EA
Pavilion DV5030
Pavilion ZV5183EA
Pavilion DV5035
Pavilion ZV5185EA
Pavilion DV5115NR
Pavilion ZV5188EA
Pavilion DV5116NR
Pavilion ZV5200
Pavilion DV5117CA
Pavilion ZV5200T
Pavilion DV5120US
Pavilion ZV5202US
Pavilion DV5129US
Pavilion ZV5203AP
Pavilion DV5130US
Pavilion ZV5203EA
Pavilion DV5135NR
Pavilion ZV5204AP
Pavilion DV5139US
Pavilion ZV5205AP
Pavilion DV5140US
Pavilion ZV5206AP
Pavilion DV5150US
Pavilion ZV5207AP
Pavilion DV5163CL
Pavilion ZV5208AP
Pavilion DV5170US
Pavilion ZV5210CA
Pavilion DV5178US
Pavilion ZV5210US
Pavilion DV5190US
Pavilion ZV5211AP
Pavilion DV5215US
Pavilion ZV5212AP
Pavilion DV5216CA
Pavilion ZV5213AP
Pavilion DV5220US
Pavilion ZV5214AP
Pavilion DV5230US
Pavilion ZV5215AP
Pavilion DV5237CL
Pavilion ZV5216AP
Pavilion DV5250US
Pavilion ZV5217AP
Pavilion DV5t-1000
Pavilion ZV5220US
Pavilion DV5z
Pavilion ZV5226EA
Pavilion DV5z-1000
Pavilion ZV5227EA
Pavilion DV6-1030US
Pavilion ZV5227WM
Pavilion DV6-1230US
Pavilion ZV5230US
Pavilion DV6-1245DX
Pavilion ZV5235US
Pavilion DV6-1259DX
Pavilion ZV5240
Pavilion DV6-1334CA
Pavilion ZV5240CA
Pavilion DV6-1350US
Pavilion ZV5240US
Pavilion DV6-1352dx
Pavilion ZV5242QV
Pavilion DV6-1354US
Pavilion ZV5245EA
Pavilion DV6-2044CA
Pavilion ZV5246EA
Pavilion DV6000
Pavilion ZV5255US
Pavilion DV6000 Series
Pavilion ZV5260US
Pavilion DV6000t
Pavilion ZV5268EA
Pavilion DV6000z
Pavilion ZV5269EA
Pavilion DV6040CA
Pavilion ZV5271EA
Pavilion DV6040US
Pavilion ZV5272EA
Pavilion DV6045NR
Pavilion ZV5287LA
Pavilion DV6058
Pavilion ZV5290EA
Pavilion DV6058CL
Pavilion ZV5301AP
Pavilion DV6100 Series
Pavilion ZV5310US
Pavilion DV6102OD
Pavilion ZV5320CA
Pavilion DV6103
Pavilion ZV5320EA
Pavilion DV6103NR
Pavilion ZV5320US
Pavilion DV6105CA
Pavilion ZV5325CA
Pavilion DV6105US
Pavilion ZV5325CAF
Pavilion DV6107US
Pavilion ZV5325EA
Pavilion DV6108NR
Pavilion ZV5325US
Pavilion DV6109OM
Pavilion ZV5330
Pavilion DV6110CA
Pavilion ZV5330CA
Pavilion DV6110TX
Pavilion ZV5330US
Pavilion DV6110US
Pavilion ZV5340US
Pavilion DV6113US
Pavilion ZV5342QV
Pavilion DV6114TX
Pavilion ZV5343US
Pavilion DV6115CA
Pavilion ZV5346US
Pavilion DV6119US
Pavilion ZV5347WM
Pavilion DV6120
Pavilion ZV5348RS
Pavilion DV6120CA
Pavilion ZV5360US
Pavilion DV6120US
Pavilion ZV5362EA
Pavilion DV6125OM
Pavilion ZV5364EA
Pavilion DV6128OD
Pavilion ZV5365EA
Pavilion DV6129US
Pavilion ZV5366EA
Pavilion DV6130CA
Pavilion ZV5367EA
Pavilion DV6130US
Pavilion ZV5367WM
Pavilion DV6131OD
Pavilion ZV5368EA
Pavilion DV6135CA
Pavilion ZV5369EA
Pavilion DV6135NR
Pavilion ZV5370US
Pavilion DV6139US
Pavilion ZV5371EA
Pavilion DV6140CA
Pavilion ZV5372EA
Pavilion DV6140US
Pavilion ZV5373EA
Pavilion DV6149US
Pavilion ZV5374EA
Pavilion DV6150CA
Pavilion ZV5375EA
Pavilion DV6150US
Pavilion ZV5376EA
Pavilion DV6165CL
Pavilion ZV5390EA
Pavilion DV6171CL
Pavilion ZV5400T
Pavilion DV6174CA
Pavilion ZV5401AP
Pavilion DV6174CL
Pavilion ZV5402AP
Pavilion DV6195XX
Pavilion ZV5403AP
Pavilion DV6205US
Pavilion ZV5404AP
Pavilion DV6208NR
Pavilion ZV5410US
Pavilion DV6215US
Pavilion ZV5415CA
Pavilion DV6225US
Pavilion ZV5415EA
Pavilion DV6226
Pavilion ZV5420CA
Pavilion DV6233SE
Pavilion ZV5420US
Pavilion DV6235NR
Pavilion ZV5430US
Pavilion DV6244US
Pavilion ZV5434RS
Pavilion DV6245US
Pavilion ZV5440US
Pavilion DV6255
Pavilion ZV5445US
Pavilion DV6258SE
Pavilion ZV5450CA
Pavilion DV6265
Pavilion ZV5450EA
Pavilion DV6300 Series
Pavilion ZV5450US
Pavilion DV6305US
Pavilion ZV5454RS
Pavilion DV6308NR
Pavilion ZV5455US
Pavilion DV6324US
Pavilion ZV5470US
Pavilion DV6326US
Pavilion ZV5476CL
Pavilion DV6338SE
Pavilion ZV6000 (PN494AV)
Pavilion DV6345US
Pavilion ZV6000 series
Pavilion DV6358SE
Pavilion ZV6001
Pavilion DV6405US
Pavilion ZV6003
Pavilion DV6406NR
Pavilion ZV6004
Pavilion DV6408NR
Pavilion ZV6005US
Pavilion DV6409US
Pavilion ZV6007US
Pavilion DV6415US
Pavilion ZV6009
Pavilion DV6426US
Pavilion ZV6010US
Pavilion DV6436NR
Pavilion ZV6100 (EA458AV)
Pavilion DV6445US
Pavilion ZV6100 (EA459AV)
Pavilion DV6448SE
Pavilion ZV6107WM
Pavilion DV6449US
Pavilion ZV6130US
Pavilion DV6450US
Pavilion ZV6131US
Pavilion DV6458SE
Pavilion ZV6203CL
Pavilion DV6470US
Pavilion ZV6209US
Pavilion DV6500
Pavilion ZV6233US
Pavilion DV6565US
Pavilion ZV6270CA
Pavilion DV6568SE
Pavilion ZV6270US
Pavilion DV6575US
Pavilion ZV6302US
Pavilion DV6589US
Pavilion ZX5000
Pavilion DV6600 Series
Pavilion ZX5000 Series
Pavilion DV6604NR
Pavilion ZX5001US
Pavilion DV6605US
Pavilion ZX5040US
Pavilion DV6607NR
Pavilion ZX5049EA
Pavilion DV6626US
Pavilion ZX5050EA
Pavilion DV6628US
Pavilion ZX5051EA
Pavilion DV6633US
Pavilion ZX5052EA
Pavilion DV6636NR
Pavilion ZX5060US
Pavilion DV6646US
Pavilion ZX5070US
Pavilion DV6648SE
Pavilion ZX5078CL
Pavilion DV6654US
Pavilion ZX5148EA
Pavilion DV6662SE
Pavilion ZX5149EA
Pavilion DV6663US
Pavilion ZX5151EA
Pavilion DV6672US
Pavilion ZX5170EA
Pavilion DV6675US
Pavilion ZX5171EA
Pavilion DV6700T
Pavilion ZX5180US
Pavilion DV6701US
Pavilion ZX5190US
Pavilion DV6704
Pavilion ZX5200
Pavilion DV6704NR
Pavilion ZX5201
Pavilion DV6707US
Pavilion ZX5202US
Pavilion DV6736
Pavilion ZX5260EA
Pavilion DV6736NR
Pavilion ZX5265EA
Pavilion DV6748US
Pavilion ZX5270EA
Pavilion DV6768
Pavilion ZX5275EA
Pavilion DV6768SE
Pavilion ZX5275US
Pavilion DV6775US
Pavilion ZX5280US
Pavilion DV6780
Pavilion ZX5295US
Pavilion DV6780SE
Pavilion ZX5369CL
Pavilion DV6807US
ProBook 4410s
Pavilion DV6810US
ProBook 4411s
Pavilion DV6812NR
ProBook 4415s
Pavilion DV6815NR
ProBook 4416s
Pavilion DV6830US
ProBook 4710s
Pavilion DV6833US
ProBook 6440b
Pavilion DV6835NR
ProBook 6445b
Pavilion DV6875SE
ProBook 6540b
Pavilion DV6885SE
ProBook 6545b
Pavilion DV6910US
Special Edition L2000 (LiveStrong)
Pavilion DV6911US
Special Edition L2000 series
Pavilion DV6915NR
Special Edition L2005
Pavilion DV6920US
Special Edition L2098
Pavilion DV6928US
Special Edition L2099
Pavilion DV6985SE
Special Edition L2105
Pavilion DV7-1000ea
Special Edition L2205
Pavilion DV7-1000ef
Tablet PC TC1100
Pavilion DV7-1000eg
Tablet PC TC4200
Pavilion DV7-1001ea
Tablet PC TC4400
Pavilion DV7-1001ef


5140 Convertible Laptop
ThinkPad 760X
Netfinity 7000 M10
ThinkPad 760XC
Portable Convertible 5140 LT
ThinkPad 760XD
PS/Note 425
ThinkPad 760XL
PS/Note 425C
ThinkPad 765
PS/Note N45SL
ThinkPad 765D
PS/Note N51SLC
ThinkPad 765L
PS/Note N51SX
ThinkPad 770
ThinkPad 240
ThinkPad 770E
ThinkPad 240 series
ThinkPad 770ED
ThinkPad 240X
ThinkPad 770X
ThinkPad 240Z
ThinkPad 770Z
ThinkPad 300
ThinkPad 790
ThinkPad 300C
ThinkPad A20
ThinkPad 300T
ThinkPad A20 series
ThinkPad 310
ThinkPad A20M
ThinkPad 310D
ThinkPad A20P
ThinkPad 310E
ThinkPad A21
ThinkPad 310ED
ThinkPad A21e
ThinkPad 315
ThinkPad A21M
ThinkPad 315E
ThinkPad A21P
ThinkPad 340 Collegiate
ThinkPad A22e
ThinkPad 340CSE
ThinkPad A22M
ThinkPad 345C
ThinkPad A22P
ThinkPad 345CS
ThinkPad A30
ThinkPad 350
ThinkPad A30 series
ThinkPad 350C
ThinkPad A30P
ThinkPad 355
ThinkPad A31
ThinkPad 355C
ThinkPad A31P
ThinkPad 355CS
ThinkPad E530
ThinkPad 360
ThinkPad i 1200
ThinkPad 360C
ThinkPad i 1200 series
ThinkPad 360CE
ThinkPad i 1210
ThinkPad 360CS
ThinkPad i 1211
ThinkPad 360CSE
ThinkPad i 1241

ThinkPad 360P
ThinkPad i 1251
ThinkPad 360PE
ThinkPad i 1271
ThinkPad 365
ThinkPad i 1300
ThinkPad 365C
ThinkPad i 1300 1171-NMU
ThinkPad 365CD
ThinkPad i 1300 series
ThinkPad 365CS
ThinkPad i 1310
ThinkPad 365CSD
ThinkPad i 1321
ThinkPad 365E
ThinkPad i 1340
ThinkPad 365ED
ThinkPad i 1351
ThinkPad 365X
ThinkPad i 1361
ThinkPad 365XD
ThinkPad i 1391
ThinkPad 370
ThinkPad i 1400
ThinkPad 380
ThinkPad i 1410
ThinkPad 380 series
ThinkPad i 1411
ThinkPad 380CE
ThinkPad i 1412
ThinkPad 380CS
ThinkPad i 1416
ThinkPad 380CSE
ThinkPad i 1417
ThinkPad 380D
ThinkPad i 1418
ThinkPad 380D-MMX
ThinkPad i 1420
ThinkPad 380E
ThinkPad i 1421
ThinkPad 380ED
ThinkPad i 1434
ThinkPad 380XD
ThinkPad i 1435
ThinkPad 380XD(Type 2635-Exx)
ThinkPad i 1436
ThinkPad 380Z (Type 2635-Bxx)
ThinkPad i 1441
ThinkPad 380Z (Type 2635-Hxx)
ThinkPad i 1442
ThinkPad 380Z (Type 2635-Jxx)
ThinkPad i 1450
ThinkPad 385
ThinkPad i 1451
ThinkPad 385CD
ThinkPad i 1452
ThinkPad 385D
ThinkPad i 1454
ThinkPad 385D-MMX
ThinkPad i 1460
ThinkPad 385ED
ThinkPad i 1470
ThinkPad 385XD
ThinkPad i 1472
ThinkPad 385XD (Type 2635-Dxx)
ThinkPad i 1476
ThinkPad 390
ThinkPad i 1480
ThinkPad 390E
ThinkPad i 1482
ThinkPad 390X
ThinkPad i 1500
ThinkPad 450C
ThinkPad i 1512
ThinkPad 500
ThinkPad i 1541
ThinkPad 510
ThinkPad i 1542
ThinkPad 510CS
ThinkPad i 1552
ThinkPad 535
ThinkPad i 1560
ThinkPad 550
ThinkPad i 1700
ThinkPad 560
ThinkPad i 1720
ThinkPad 560C
ThinkPad i 1721
ThinkPad 560E
ThinkPad R30
ThinkPad 560X
ThinkPad R31
ThinkPad 560Z
ThinkPad R32
ThinkPad 570
ThinkPad R40
ThinkPad 570E
ThinkPad R40 Series
ThinkPad 600
ThinkPad R40e
ThinkPad 600A
ThinkPad R50
ThinkPad 600E
ThinkPad R50 series
ThinkPad 600X
ThinkPad R50e
ThinkPad 700
ThinkPad R50p
ThinkPad 700C
ThinkPad R51
ThinkPad 701
ThinkPad R52
ThinkPad 701C
ThinkPad S
ThinkPad 701CS
ThinkPad T20
ThinkPad 720
ThinkPad T20 series
ThinkPad 720C
ThinkPad T21
ThinkPad 750
ThinkPad T22
ThinkPad 750C
ThinkPad T23
ThinkPad 750CE
ThinkPad T30
ThinkPad 750CS
ThinkPad T30 Series
ThinkPad 750P
ThinkPad T40
ThinkPad 750T
ThinkPad T40 Series
ThinkPad 755
ThinkPad T41
ThinkPad 755C
ThinkPad T41p
ThinkPad 755CD
ThinkPad T42
ThinkPad 755CDV
ThinkPad T42p
ThinkPad 755CE
ThinkPad T43
ThinkPad 755CK
ThinkPad T51
ThinkPad 755CS
ThinkPad X20
ThinkPad 755CSE
ThinkPad X20 series
ThinkPad 755CV
ThinkPad X21
ThinkPad 755CX
ThinkPad X22
ThinkPad 760C
ThinkPad X23
ThinkPad 760CD
ThinkPad X24
ThinkPad 760E
ThinkPad X30
ThinkPad 760ED
ThinkPad X30 Series
ThinkPad 760EL
ThinkPad X31
ThinkPad 760ELD
ThinkPad X40
ThinkPad 760L
ThinkPad X41 Tablet
ThinkPad 760LD


ThinkPad R61e (15.4" widescreen)
3000 C100
ThinkPad R61e 7649
3000 C200
ThinkPad R61e 7650
3000 G230
ThinkPad R61i (14.1" & 15" Standard Screen)
3000 G230G
ThinkPad R61i (15.4" widescreen)
3000 G400 14001
ThinkPad R61i 7650
3000 G400 2048
ThinkPad R61i 7732
3000 G400 series
ThinkPad R61i 7742
3000 G410
ThinkPad R61i 8918
3000 G410 2049
ThinkPad R61i 8932
3000 G410 series
ThinkPad R61i 8943
3000 G430 4152
ThinkPad R61i Series (14.1" widescreen)
3000 G430 4153
ThinkPad Resereve Edition 8748
3000 G430 series
ThinkPad SL300
3000 G430A
ThinkPad SL300 2738
3000 G430L
ThinkPad SL400
3000 G430M
ThinkPad SL500
3000 G450 2949
ThinkPad SL510
3000 G450 series
ThinkPad T400 2764
3000 G450A
ThinkPad T400 7417
3000 G450M
ThinkPad T500
3000 G510
ThinkPad T60 1951
3000 G530 4151
ThinkPad T60 1952
3000 G530 series
ThinkPad T60 1953
3000 G530A
ThinkPad T60 1954
3000 G530M
ThinkPad T60 1955
3000 N100
ThinkPad T60 1956
3000 N500 series
ThinkPad T60 2007
3000 V100
ThinkPad T60 2008
3000 V200
ThinkPad T60 2009
3000 Y300 7759
ThinkPad T60 2613
3000 Y300 9449
ThinkPad T60 2623
3000 Y300 9454
ThinkPad T60 6369
3000 Y300 series
ThinkPad T60 6371
3000 Y310 7756
ThinkPad T60 6372
3000 Y310 series
ThinkPad T60 8741
3000 Y310a 7756
ThinkPad T60 8743
3000 Y310a series
ThinkPad T60 8744
3000 Y400 9454
ThinkPad T60p 1951
3000 Y400 series
ThinkPad T60p 1952
3000 Y410
ThinkPad T60p 1953
3000 Y410 7757
ThinkPad T60p 1954
3000 Y410 series
ThinkPad T60p 1955
3000 Y410a 7757
ThinkPad T60p 1956
3000 Y410a series
ThinkPad T60p 2007
3000 Y500 7761
ThinkPad T60p 2008
3000 Y500 series
ThinkPad T60p 2009
3000 Y510 7758
ThinkPad T60p 2613
3000 Y510 series
ThinkPad T60p 2623
3000 Y510a 15303
ThinkPad T60p 2637
3000 Y510a series
ThinkPad T61 1959
IdeaPad G430 20003
ThinkPad T61 6377
IdeaPad G430 series
ThinkPad T61 6378
IdeaPad G530
ThinkPad T61 6379
IdeaPad U330
ThinkPad T61 6457
IdeaPad U330 20001
ThinkPad T61 6460
IdeaPad U330 2267
ThinkPad T61 6466
IdeaPad U330 series
ThinkPad T61 6480
IdeaPad U330A
ThinkPad T61 6481
IdeaPad V350
ThinkPad T61 7658
IdeaPad V430a
ThinkPad T61 7659
IdeaPad V450a
ThinkPad T61 7660
IdeaPad Y310
ThinkPad T61 7661
IdeaPad Y330 series
ThinkPad T61 7662
IdeaPad Y330A
ThinkPad T61 7663
IdeaPad Y330G
ThinkPad T61 7664
IdeaPad Y410
ThinkPad T61 7665
IdeaPad Y430
ThinkPad T61 8889
IdeaPad Y430 20005
ThinkPad T61 8891
IdeaPad Y430 2781
ThinkPad T61 8895
IdeaPad Y430 series
ThinkPad T61 8897
IdeaPad Y430a
ThinkPad T61 8898
IdeaPad Y430g
ThinkPad T61p (14.1inch widescreen)
IdeaPad Y510
ThinkPad T61p 6459
IdeaPad Y510 7758
ThinkPad T61p 6460
IdeaPad Y510 series
ThinkPad T61p 8889
IdeaPad Y530
ThinkPad T61p 8891
IdeaPad Y530 20009
ThinkPad W500
IdeaPad Y530 4051
ThinkPad W700
IdeaPad Y530 series
ThinkPad W700 2752
IdeaPad Y530a
ThinkPad W700 2757
IdeaPad Y710
ThinkPad W700 2758
IdeaPad Y710 4054
ThinkPad W700ds
IdeaPad Y710 series
ThinkPad W700ds 2757
IdeaPad Y730
ThinkPad W700ds 2758
IdeaPad Y730 4053
ThinkPad X200
IdeaPad Y730 series
ThinkPad X200 Tablet PC
IdeaPad Y730a
ThinkPad X300
ThinkPad R400 7443
ThinkPad X300 2748
ThinkPad R500
ThinkPad X300 2749
ThinkPad R51e
ThinkPad X300 6476
ThinkPad R52
ThinkPad X300 6477
ThinkPad R60 0656
ThinkPad X300 6478
ThinkPad R60 0657
ThinkPad X300 series
ThinkPad R60 0658
ThinkPad X301 2774
ThinkPad R60 0659
ThinkPad X301 2776
ThinkPad R60 9444
ThinkPad X301 2777
ThinkPad R60 9445
ThinkPad X301 2778
ThinkPad R60 9446
ThinkPad X301 2779
ThinkPad R60 9447
ThinkPad X301 4057
ThinkPad R60 9455
ThinkPad X301 series (13.3" Widescreen)
ThinkPad R60 9456
ThinkPad X41
ThinkPad R60 9457
ThinkPad X41 1864
ThinkPad R60 9458
ThinkPad X41 1865
ThinkPad R60 9459
ThinkPad X41 2525
ThinkPad R60 9460
ThinkPad X41 2526
ThinkPad R60 9461
ThinkPad X41 2527
ThinkPad R60 9462
ThinkPad X41 2528
ThinkPad R60 9463
ThinkPad X41 Tablet
ThinkPad R60 9464
ThinkPad X60
ThinkPad R60e 0656
ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC 6363
ThinkPad R60e 0657
ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC 6364
ThinkPad R60e 0658
ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC 6365
ThinkPad R60e 0659
ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC 6366
ThinkPad R60e 9444
ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC 6367
ThinkPad R60e 9445
ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC 6368
ThinkPad R60e 9446
ThinkPad X60s
ThinkPad R60e 9447
ThinkPad X61 Tablet PC 7762
ThinkPad R60e 9455
ThinkPad X61 Tablet PC 7764
ThinkPad R60e 9456
ThinkPad X61 Tablet PC 7767
ThinkPad R60e 9457
ThinkPad Z60m 2529
ThinkPad R60e 9458
ThinkPad Z60m 2530
ThinkPad R60e 9459
ThinkPad Z60m 2531
ThinkPad R60e 9460
ThinkPad Z60t
ThinkPad R60e 9461
ThinkPad Z61e 0672
ThinkPad R60e 9462
ThinkPad Z61e 0673
ThinkPad R60e 9463
ThinkPad Z61e 0674
ThinkPad R60e 9464
ThinkPad Z61e 9450
ThinkPad R61 (14.1inch widescreen)
ThinkPad Z61e 9451
ThinkPad R61 7732
ThinkPad Z61e 9452
ThinkPad R61 7733
ThinkPad Z61e 9453
ThinkPad R61 7734
ThinkPad Z61m 0672
ThinkPad R61 7735
ThinkPad Z61m 0673
ThinkPad R61 7736
ThinkPad Z61m 0674
ThinkPad R61 7737
ThinkPad Z61m 2532
ThinkPad R61 7742
ThinkPad Z61m 9450
ThinkPad R61 7743
ThinkPad Z61m 9451
ThinkPad R61 7744
ThinkPad Z61m 9452
ThinkPad R61 7751
ThinkPad Z61m 9453
ThinkPad R61 7753
ThinkPad Z61p 0672
ThinkPad R61 7754
ThinkPad Z61p 0673
ThinkPad R61 7755
ThinkPad Z61p 0674
ThinkPad R61 8914
ThinkPad Z61p 9450
ThinkPad R61 8918
ThinkPad Z61p 9451
ThinkPad R61 8932
ThinkPad Z61p 9452
ThinkPad R61 8942
ThinkPad Z61p 9453
ThinkPad R61 8943
ThinkPad Z61t



Common Laptop Repair Services Performed

  • Power Jack, Power Cord and Motherboard Repair and/or Replacement
  • LCD Screen, Backlight, Inverter and Hinge Repair and/or Replacement
  • Virus, Spyware, Trojan, Worm and Adware Identification and Removal
  • Windows and Apple Operating System Repair and/or Reinstallation
  • Laptop Keyboard and Touchpad Repair and/or Replacement
  • Memory (RAM) Replacement and Computer Upgrades

More information on specific laptop repair by brand.

  • Apple Computer Repair
  • Sony Laptop Repair
  • Dell Laptop Repair
  • Gateway Laptop Repair
  • Laptop LCD Repair
  • Compaq Laptop Repair
  • IBM Laptop Repair
  • Toshiba Laptop Repair
  • Acer Laptop Repair
  • HP Laptop Repair
  • Fujitsu Laptop Repair

Acer Aspire: 1200 Series, 1410, 1500, 1520, 1610, 1620, 1641WLMI, 1642WLMI, 1660, 1670, 1680, 2001WLCi, 2303WLCI, 2413, 3000, 3002LCI, 3003WLCI, 3210, 3500, 3610, 4000 series, 4150, 4400, 5000 Series, 5003WLMi, 7100 Series, 8100 Series
Acer Aspire: 1300, 1301XV, 1302, 1304, 1315LT
Acer Aspire: 1350
Acer Ferrari: 3000, 3000LMI, 3200, 3400
Acer Travelmate: 220, 230, 330, 332T, 370, 732, 734, 1350, 1360
Acer TravelMate: 430, 1500, 1510, 2200
Acer Travelmate: C100, Z9000
Acer TravelMate: C300, 622, 800, TM800, 800LCi, 800XC, 800XCi, 802, 802LCi, 803, 803LCi, 804, 804LMi, 2300
Acer Travlemate: 2700, 4500
Advent, Arm, Ashton Digital, Fujitsu, Hyperdata, Systemax, Uniwill
Advent, Arm, Ashton Digital, Hyperdata, Systemax, Uniwill: N34AS1 & N351S1
Alienware: Area 51 Sentia
Asus: A2500H Series
Asus: M3000N
Averatec: 3000, 3150, 3200, 3220, 3250, 5110H 6200 Series
Business Notebook: NX7000
Chembook: CQ12-15
Clevo: 220, TS30i, 2200T, 2700C
Clevo-Sager: 98
Compaq Armada 1100, 1120, 1120T, 1125, 1130, 1130T, 1135, 4110, 4115, 4110D, 4120, 4120T, 4125T, 4130T, 4131T, 4150, 4150T, 4160T, 4200, 4210, 4210T, 4220, 4220T
Compaq Armada: 100, 110, V300, E500, E500S, E700
Compaq Armada: M700
Compaq Business Notebook NX9005, NX9008, NX9010
Compaq EVO Notebook N115, N160
Compaq EVO: N1000C, N1000V, N1005V, N1015V, N1020V
Compaq EVO: N110, N150, N180, N200, N400, N410, N600, N610, N620, N800, N800C, N800W, N800V
Compaq Presario 1200SC, 1200T, 1200TH, 1200xx, 1200Z, 1201T, 1210, 1210US, 1211, 1212, 1214, 1215US, 1219JP
Compaq Presario 12XL, 12XL201, 12XL202, 12XL203, 12XL204, 12XL205, 12XL206, 12XL211, 12XL212, 12XL212, 12XL220, 12XL222, 12XL223, 12XL3, 12XL300, 12XL300A, 12XL300B, 12XL301, 12XL302, 12XL303, 12XL304, 12XL305, 12XL307, 12XL310, 12XL311, 12XL312, 12XL314, 12XL320, 12XL323, 12XL325, 12XL326, 12XL327, 12XL330, 12XL402, 12XL403, 12XL411, 12XL412, 12XL414, 12XL416, 12XL421, 12XL426, 12XL427, 12XL428, 12XL430, 12XL500, 12XL501, 12XL502, 12XL504, 12XL505, 12XL509, 12XL510, 12XL512, 12XL513, 12XL515, 12XL517, 12XL519, 12XL520, 12XL521, 12XL526, 12XL527, 12XL530, 12XL531
Compaq Presario 14XL, 14XL240, 14XL241, 14XL242, 14XL340, 14XL341, 14XL342, 14XL343, 14XL344, 14XL345, 14XL346, 14XL350, 14XL352, 14XL355, 14XL356, 14XL420, 14XL440, 14XL442, 14XL443, 14XL444, 14XL445, 14XL446, 14XL452, 14XL453, 14XL455
Compaq Presario 1600, 1600T, 1650, 1655, 1600XL, 1600XL1, 16XL, 16XL140, 16XL141, 16XL142, 16XL143, 16XL144, 16XL145, 16XL146, 16XL147, 16XL150, 16XL255, 16XL256, 16XL257, 16XL258
Compaq Presario 1700, 1700T, 1701S, 1702TC, 1710T, 1720CA, 1720US, 1722US
Compaq Presario 17XL, 17XL260, 17XL261, 17XL262, 17XL264, 17XL265, 17XL266, 17XL274, 17XL275, 17XL360, 17XL361, 17XL362, 17XL364, 17XL365, 17XL366, 17XL367, 17XL368, 17XL369, 17XL370, 17XL371, 17XL372, 17XL374, 17XL375, 17XL376, 17XL378, 17XL379, 17XL380, 17XL460, 17XL461, 17XL462, 17XL463, 17XL464, 17XL465, 17XL466, 17XL467, 17XL468, 17XL469, 17XL470, 17XL471, 17XL473, 17XL474, 17XL475, 17XL476, 17XL477, 17XL480, 17XL482, 17XL488, 17XL490, 17XL492, 17XL562, 17XL563, 17XL564, 17XL565, 17XL566, 17XL567, 17XL568, 17XL569, 17XL570, 17XL571, 17XL572, 17XL573, 17XL574, 17XL575, 17XL576, 17XL577, 17XL578, 17XL579, 17XL580
Compaq Presario 1800, 1800T, 1805, 1825, 1827, 1830
Compaq Presario 18XL, 1800xx, 1800XL1, 18XL180, 18XL181, 18XL182, 18XL183, 18XL185, 18XL186, 18XL280, 18XL281, 18XL481, 18XL482, 18XL483, 18XL484, 18XL485, 18XL580, 18XL581, 18XL583, 18XL584, 18XL585, 18XL586, 18XL590
Compaq Presario 700US, 700xx, 700Z, 705US, 709EA, 710CA, 710TC, 710US, 711AU, 711CL, 711EA, 711LA, 712EA, 712LA, 713EA, 715CA, 715EA, 717RSH, 720AU, 720CA, 720JP, 720LA, 720TC, 721CL, 722EA, 722US, 723EA, 723RSH, 725AU, 725CA, 725EA, 725LA, 725US, 726EA, 730AP, 730US, 735CA
Compaq Presario M2000 series: M20xx, M21xx, M22xx, M23xx, M24xx, M25xx
Compaq Presario M2000 series: M20xx, M21xx, M22xx, M23xx, M24xx, M25xx
Compaq Presario V2000 series: V20xx, V21xx, V22xx, V23xx, V24xx, V25xx, V26xx
Compaq Presario V4000 Series: V4000 CTO, V4000, V4000T CTO, V4000XX, V4001AP, V4002AP, V4002XX, V4003AP, V4003XX, V4004AP, V4004XX, V4005CL, V4005XX, V4015US, V4020US, V4025US, V4035CA, V4035EA, V4035US, V4040EA, V4050EA, V4055EA, V4058EA, V4060EA, V4075EA, V4100 CTO, V4101AP, V4102AP, V4103AP, V4104AP, V4105AP, V4106AP, V4107AP, V4108AP, V4109AP, V4110AP, V4110EA, V4111AP, V4112AP, V4113AP, V4114AP, V4115AP, V4116AP, V4117AP, V4118AP, V4119AP, V4120EA, V4120TU, V4120US, V4121TU, V4122TU, V4125CL, V4130EA, V4133EA, V4135US, V4144EA, V4145EA, V4146EA, V4147EA, V4160EA, V4200 CTO, V4201TU, V4201XX, V4202EA, V4202TU, V4202XX, V4203EA, V4203TU, V4203XX, V4204TU, V4205EA, V4205TU, V4206TU, V4207TU, V4208TU, V4209TU, V4210TU, V4211TU, V4212TU, V4213TU, V4214TU, V4215EA, v4215TU, V4216TU, V4217EA, V4217TU, V4218TU, V4219TU, V4220EA, V4220NR, V4220TU, V4221TU, V4222TU, V4223TU, V4224TU, V4225TU, V4226TU, V4227TU, V4228TU, V4229TU, V4230TU, V4231TU, V4232TU, V4233TU, V4240US, V4245US, V4260EA, V4263EA, V4265EA, V4274EA, V4275EA, V4276EA, V4278EA, V4285EA, V4305EA, V4308EA, V4310NR, V4320EA, V4322EA, V4325CA, V4325US, V4332EA, V4332US, V4333EA, V4335EA, V4336EA, V4338EA, V4347EA, V4354EA, V4376EA, V4377EA, V4382EA, V4387EA, V4400 CTO, V4401TU, V4402TU, V4402XX, V4403TU, V4404TU, V4405TU, V4406TU, V4407TU, V4408TU, V4435NR, V4440US, V4450EA
Compaq Presario: 1000, 1010, 1020, 1030, 1060, 1065, 1070, 1072, 1075, 1080, 1090, 1090es, 1110
Compaq Presario: 1200, 1207, 1210, 1215, 1220es, 1230, 1232es, 1234, 1235, 1236, 1237, 1238, 1240, 1242, 1244, 1245, 1246, 1247, 1250, 1252, 1255, 1256, 1260, 1266, 1267, 1270, 1272, 1273, 1274, 1275, 1277, 1278, 1279
Compaq Presario: 12XL, 1200XL119, 1200XL450, 12XL101, 12XL103, 12XL104, 12XL105, 12XL106, 12XL112, 12XL113, 12XL114, 12XL118, 12XL125
Compaq Presario: 16XL, 1600, 1600s, 1600l, 1610, 1611, 1615, 1620, 1621, 1622, 1624, 1625, 1626, 1630, 1635, 1636, 1640, 1650, 1655, 1660, 1670, 1675, 1680, 1681, 1683, 1685, 1687, 1688, 1690, 1692, 1693, 1694
Compaq Presario: 1800, 1805, 1810
Compaq Presario: 2100 Series, 2500 Series, most 2700 Series
Compaq Presario: 2800, 2800CA, 2800T, 2835CA
Compaq Presario: 3000, 3000US, 3005, 3005US, 3008, 3008CL, 3015, 3015CA, 3015US, 3016US, 3017, 3017CL, 3017US, 3019, 3019CL, 3020, 3020US, 3045, 3045US, 3050, 3050US, 3070, 3070US, 3077, 3077WM, 3080, 3080US
Compaq Presario: 3000, 3000US, 3005, 3005US, 3008, 3008CL, 3015, 3015CA, 3015US, 3016US, 3017, 3017CL, 3017US, 3019, 3019CL, 3020, 3020US, 3045, 3045US, 3050, 3050US, 3070, 3070US, 3077, 3077WM, 3080, 3080US
Compaq Presario: 900, 903, 904, 905, 906, 907, 908, 909, 910, 911, 912, 914, 915, 916, 917, 918, 919, 920, 921, 922, 925, 927, 930, 935, 940, 943, 945, 950, 955, 1500, 1505, 1507, 1508, 1510, 1515, 1522, 1523, 1525, 1527
Compaq Presario: R3000, R3000T, R3000Z, R3001, R3001US, R3002, R3003, R3003US, R3004, R3004US, R3005, R3005US, R3020, R3030, R3030US, R3038, R3038CL, R3040, R3050, R3050US, R3055, R3055CA, R3055US, R3056RS, R3060, R3060CA, R3060EA, R3060US, R3065, R3065US, R3070, R3070US, R3120CA, R3120US, R3140, R3140CA, R3140US, R3150, R3158, R3160, R3160US, R3190, R3190EA, R3190US, R3200, R3210, R3220, R3230, R3240, R3265, R3290, R3550US
Compaq Presario: R3000, R3000T, R3000Z, R3001, R3001US, R3002, R3003, R3003US, R3004, R3004US, R3005, R3005US, R3020, R3030, R3030US, R3038, R3038CL, R3040, R3050, R3050US, R3055, R3055CA, R3055US, R3056RS, R3060, R3060CA, R3060EA, R3060US, R3065, R3065US, R3070, R3070US, R3120CA, R3120US, R3140, R3140CA, R3140US, R3150, R3158, R3160, R3160US, R3190, R3190EA, R3190US, R3200, R3210, R3220, R3230, R3240, R3265, R3290, R3550US
Compaq Presario: X1000, X1001, X1001US, X1002, X1002US, X1010, X1010CA, X1010US, X1015, X1015US, X1018, X1018CL, X1020, X1020US, X1028, X1028CL, X1030, X1030US, X1031, X1032, X1033, X1034, X1035, X1036, X1036AP, X1037, X1039, X1040, X1040US, X1050, X1050CA, X1050US, X1058, X1058CL, X1080, X1080AP, X1097, X1099, X1100, X1155, X1200, X1242, X1300, X1390
Compaq Prosignia 150 SMB
Compaq Prosignia: 190SMB
Dell Inspiron: 1000, 1200, 1300, 2000, 2200, B120, B130
Dell Inspiron: 1100, 2500, 2600, 2650, 3650, 3700, 3800, 4000, 4100, 4150, 5000, 5000E, 5100, 7500, 8000, 8100, 8200
Dell Inspiron: 3000, 3200, 3500, 7000
Dell Inspiron: 500M, 600M, 700M, E1505, 1150, 5150, 5160, 6000, 8500, 8600, 9100, 9200, 9300, 9400
Dell Latitude: 100L, D400, D410, D500, D505, D510, D520, D600, D610, D800, D810
Dell Latitude: 433M, 433MC, 433MCX, 450MC, 450MCX, 475C, 475D, 475MC, LX4100, LX4100D, LX4100T
Dell Latitude: C-Series, CP, CPi, CPiA, CPiD, CPiR, CPm, CPt, CPtC, CPtS, CPtV, CPx, CPxH, CPxJ, CS, CSR, CSX, X200, C400, C500, C510, C540, C600, C610, C640, C800, C805, C810, C840, C-Dock, C-Port, V700, V710, V740, Xpi 133ST, Xpi 75, Xpi CD, Xpi P100SD, XPi P133
Dell Precision Workstation: M20, M60
Dell Precision Workstation: M40, M50
Dell Smart Step: 200, 250
ECS: G550, G551, G710, G730, G731, G732, G736
eMachine: M2100 Series, M2300 series, M6800 Series
Fujitsu Amilo: L1300
Fujitsu Lifebook: C352, C4235, C6581, S6210, S6220
Fujitsu Siemens C Series LifeBook: C1020, C2111
Fujitsu Stylistic: LT P-600
Fujitsu: L6825, D1840, D1845, D7830
Gateway 3000 Series: 3018GZ, 3040GZ, 3520GZ, 3522GZ, 3525GB, 3545GZ, 3550GH, 3550GZ, 3610GZ, MX3042, MX3044, MX3044h, MX3210, MX3212, MX3215, MX3225, MX3228, MX3228h, MX3230, MX3231, MX3311b, MX3410, MX3410h, MX3412, MX3412h, MX3414, MX3416, MX3417, MX3422, MX3558, MX3558h, MX3560, MX3560h, MX3562, MX3563, MX3563h, MX3610, MX3701, MX3702
Gateway 4000 Series: M325, 4012GZ, 4024GZ, 4025GZ, 4026GZ, 4028GZ, 4028JP, 4030GZ, 4520GZ, 4525GZ, 4530GH, 4530GZ, 4535GZ, 4536GZ, 4538GZ, 4540GZ, 4541BZ, 4542GP, 4543BZ
Gateway 6000 Series: 6010GZ, 6018GH, 6018GZ, 6020GZ, 6021GZ, 6022GZ, 6023GP, 6510GZ, 6518GZ, 6520GZ, 6525GP, 6531GZ, MX6025, MX6025h, MX6027, MX6027h, MX6028, MX6030, MX6121, MX6123, MX6124, MX6124h, MX6128, MX6131, MX6135, MX6214, MX6216, MX6420, MX6421, MX6422, MX6423, MX6424, MX6424h, MX6425, MX6426, MX6427, MX6428, MX6429, MX6430, MX6431, MX6433, MX6436, MX6437, MX6438, MX6439, MX6440, MX6440h, MX6441, MX6442, MX6444, MX6444h, MX6445, MX6446, MX6447, MX6448, MX6450, MX6452, MX6453, MX6454, MX6455, MX6625, MX6627, MX6627h, MX6629, MX6629h, MX6631, MX6633, MX6633h, MX6640b, MX6641 MX6641h, MX6650, MX6650h, MX6708, MX6708h, MX6710, MX6750, MX6750h, MX6912, MX6919, MX6920, MX6920h, MX6927, MX6930, MX6930h, MX6931, MX6951, MX6951h, MX6955, MX6956, MX6957, MX6958, MX6959, MX6960, MX6961, MX6961h
Gateway 7000 Series: M520, 7110GX, 7210GX, 7215GX, 7305GZ, 7320GZ, 7322GZ,7324GZ, 7325GZ, 7326GZ, 7330GH, 7330GZ, 7405GH, 7405GX, 7410GX, 7415GX, 7422GX, 7426GX, 7508GX, 7510GX, MX7118, MX7315, MX7337, MX7337H, MX7340, MX7515, MX7515H, MX7525, S-7200C
Gateway M, NX, S, 3000 and 6000 series
Gateway Solo: 1150, 5300, 5350, 9100, 9150
Gateway Solo: 1200, 1400, 1450, 9500, 9550
Gateway Solo: 2200, 2250, 2300, 2500, 2550, 5100
Gateway Solo: 9300 series
Gateway Tablet: M1200, M1300
Gateway: 200ARC
Gateway: 200STM
Gateway: 600YGR/600YG2
Gateway: M210, M250GS, M250G, M250ES, M250E, M250A, M250B, M360, M360A, M360B, M360C, M460, M460A, M460B, M465QS, M465G, M465E, M520, NX100X, NX200S, NX200X, NX250X, NX500S, NX500S w/S-Video, NX500X, NX500X w/S-Video, NX510S, NX550X, NX550XL, NX560X, NX560XL, S-7200N, S-7500N, S-7510N, S-7700N, S-7710N
Gateway: M275, M305CRV, 400SD4, 400VTX, M405, 450SX4, 450ROG, 450RGH
Gateway: M350 and M675 that uses the DIN style AC adapter plug.
Gateway: M500, M505
Gateway: M520 (note: The M520 is known to also use the 2.5mm center pin size, please verify what you need)
Gateway: M675 (that uses the standard round ac adapter)
HP Business NoteBook: NX9100 series, NX9110
HP Compaq Business Notebook: NX4800, NX4820
HP OmniBook
HP Omnibook XE series, XE2, 6000 Series XE4100, XE4500, 6000
HP Omnibook XE3 series
HP OmniBook: OmniBook 900
HP Omnibook: XT1500
HP Pavilion DV1000 Series: DV10xx, DV11xx, DV12xx, DV13xx, DV14xx, DV15xx, DV16xx, DV17xx
HP Pavilion DV4000 Series: DV4000 CTO, DV4000LA, DV4000XX, DV4001AP, DV4001EA, DV4001XX, DV4002AP, DV4003AP, DV4004AP, DV4004XX, DV4005AP, DV4005US, DV4005XX, DV4006AP, DV4006XX, DV4007AP, DV4007XX, DV4008AP, DV4009AP, DV4010AP, DV4011AP, DV4012AP, DV4013AP, DV4014AP, DV4014EA, DV4015AP, DV4015CL, DV4015EA, DV4016AP, DV4016EA, DV4017AP, DV4017EA, DV4018AP, DV4018CL, DV4018EA, DV4019AP, DV4019EA, DV4020AP, DV4020EA, DV4021AP, DV4021EA, DV4022AP, DV4022EA, DV4023AP, DV4023EA, DV4024AP, DV4024EA, DV4025AP, DV4025EA, DV4026AP, DV4027EA, DV4029EA, DV4030CA, DV4030EA, DV4030US, DV4031EA, DV4040CA, DV4040EA, DV4040US, DV4043EA, DV4045EA, DV4046EA, DV4049EA, DV4050EA, DV4051EA, DV4052EA, DV4054EA, DV4056EA, DV4057EA, DV4060EA, DV4070EA, DV4073EA, DV4075EA, DV4078EA, DV4080EA, DV4085EA, DV4086EA, DV4100 CTO, DV4100, DV4101AP, DV4102AP, DV4102EA, DV4103AP, DV4103EA, DV4104AP, DV4105AP, DV4106AP, DV4107AP, DV4108AP, DV4108EA, DV4109AP, DV4109EA, DV4110AP, DV4110EA, DV4111AP, DV4112AP, DV4113AP, DV4113EA, DV4114AP, DV4115AP, DV4115EA, DV4116AP, DV4117AP, DV4118AP, DV4119AP, DV4120AP, DV4121AP, DV4122AP, DV4122EA, DV4123AP, DV4124AP, DV4124EA, DV4125AP, DV4125EA, DV4125US, DV4126AP, DV4126EA, DV4127AP, DV4128AP, DV4128EA, DV4129AP, DV4129EA, DV4129US, DV4130AP, DV4130ea, DV4130US, DV4131EA, DV4134EA, DV4135EA, DV4135LA, DV4136EA, DV4137EA, DV4138EA, DV4139EA, DV4140EA, DV4141EA, DV4142EA, DV4143EA, DV4144EA, DV4145EA, DV4146EA, DV4148EA, DV4149EA, DV4150CA, DV4150EA, DV4150US, DV4151EA, DV4152EA, DV4153EA, DV4154EA, DV4155CL, DV4155EA, DV4155US, DV4156EA, DV4157EA, DV4158EA, DV4159EA, DV4160EA, DV4161EA, DV4162EA, DV4163EA, DV4164EA, DV4165CL, DV4165EA, DV4170CA, DV4170US, DV4174EA, DV4176EA, DV4178EA, DV4182EA, DV4199EA, DV4200 CTO, DV4200, DV4200EA, DV4201EA, DV4201TU, DV4201TX, DV4201XX, DV4202EA, DV4202TU, DV4202TX, DV4202XX, DV4203EA, DV4203TU, DV4203TX, DV4203XX, DV4204EA, DV4204TU, DV4204TX, DV4205EA, DV4205TU, DV4205TX, DV4206EA, DV4206TU, DV4206TX, DV4207EA, DV4207TU, DV4207TX, DV4208EA, DV4208TX, DV4209TX, DV4210TX, DV4211TX, DV4212TX, DV4213EA, DV4213TX, DV4214TX, DV4215TX, DV4216EA, DV4216TX, DV4217CL, DV4217TX, DV4218EA, DV4218TX, DV4219TX, DV4220TX, DV4221TX, DV4222TX, DV4223CL, DV4223EA, DV4223TX, DV4224EA, DV4224TX, DV4225EA, DV4225NR, DV4225TX, DV4226EA, DV4226TX, DV4227EA, DV4230US, DV4231EA, DV4232EA, DV4234EA, DV4235EA, DV4236EA, DV4241EA, DV4243EA, DV4245EA, DV4246EA, DV4250CA, DV4250EA, DV4250US, DV4251EA, DV4253EA, DV4253US, DV4254EA, DV4257US, DV4261EA, DV4264EA, DV4266EA, DV4268EA, DV4269EA, DV4269US, DV4270CA, DV4270EA, DV4270US, DV4271EA, DV4272EA, DV4272US, DV4273EA, DV4275EA, DV4275NR, DV4276EA, DV4277EA, DV4280EA, DV4282EA, DV4283EA, DV4284EA, DV4285EA, DV4287EA, DV4288EA, DV4289EA, DV4290EA, DV4291EA, DV4294EA, DV4295EA, DV4296EA, DV4302EA, DV4304EA, DV4305EA, DV4305US, DV4306EA, DV4307CA, DV4307CL, DV4308WM, DV4309EA, DV4310US, DV4312EA, DV4315EA, DV4318EA, DV4320US, DV4321EA, DV4322EA, DV4324EA, DV4325EA, DV4326EA, DV4327EA, DV4330CA, DV4330US, DV4334EA, DV4335EA, DV4335NR, DV4336EA, DV4337EA, DV4339EA, DV4340CA, DV4340US, DV4342EA, DV4344EA, DV4346EA, DV4348EA, DV4350EA, DV4351EA, DV4353EA, DV4354EA, DV4356EA, DV4357EA, DV4358EA, DV4360EA, DV4363EA, DV4364EA, DV4365EA, DV4367EA, DV4368EA, DV4376EA, DV4378EA, DV4379EA, DV4381EA, DV4383EA, DV4384EA, DV4385EA, DV4386EA, DV4388EA, DV4391EA, DV4392EA, DV4394EA, DV4395EA, DV4396EA, DV4398EA, DV4400 CTO, DV4401TU, DV4401XX, DV4402TU, DV4405NR, DV4410CA, DV4410US, DV4419US, DV4420CA, DV4420US, DV4430EA, DV4435EA, DV4440EA, DV4445EA, DV4450EA
HP Pavilion DV5000 Series: DV5000 CTO, DV5000ea, DV5000t CTO, DV5001xx, DV5002ea, DV5003cl, DV5003ea, DV5005ea, DV5006ea, DV5007ea, DV5008ea, DV5009ea, DV5010ea, DV5011ea, DV5012ea, DV5016ea, DV5017cl, DV5017ea, DV5018ea, DV5020ca, DV5020us, DV5021ea, DV5022ea, DV5023ea, DV5024ea, DV5026ea, DV5027ea, DV5029us, DV5030us, DV5031ea, DV5033ea, DV5034ea, DV5035ea, DV5035nr, DV5036ea, DV5037ea, DV5040us, DV5041ea, DV5046ea, DV5047ea, DV5050ea, DV5051ea, DV5052ea, DV5053ea, DV5054ea, DV5055ea, DV5056ea, DV5057ea, DV5058ea, DV5059ea, DV5061ea, DV5062ea, DV5063ea, DV5074ea, DV5075ea, DV5077ea, DV5078ea, DV5084ea, DV5088xx, DV5091ea, DV5092ea, DV5093ea, DV5094ea, DV5095ea, DV5096ea, DV5097ea, DV5098ea, DV5099ea, DV5099xx
HP Pavilion N series N3000, N3100, N3110, N3150, N3190, N3200, N3210, N3215, N3250, N3270, N3290, N3295, N3300, N3310, N3330, N3350, N3370, N3390, N3400, N3402, N3410, N3438, N3478, N3490
HP Pavilion N series N5000, N5125, N5135, N5140, N5150, N5170, N5190, N5195, N5210, N5221, N5240, N5241, N5250, N5261, N5270, N5271, N5290, N5295, N5310, N5311, N5331, N5340, N5341, N5350, N5351, N5361, N5371, N5381, N5390, N5401, N5430, N5440, N5441, N5444, N5450, N5451, N5461, N5470, N5474, N5481, N5490, N5491
HP Pavilion XF series XF125, XF145, XF235, XF255, XF315, XF325, XF328, XF335
HP Pavilion XT series XT115, XT118, XT125, XT128, XT155, XT178, XT183, XT188, XT200, XT236, XT276, XT345, XT375, XT395, XT412, XT500, XT512, XT545, XT555, XT565, XT575, XT585, XT595, XT4345QV, XT4316WM, XT4328CL, XT4345QV, XT5335QV, XT5366WM, XT5377QV, XT5477WM
HP Pavilion XZ series XZ133, XZ148, XZ163, XZ168, XZ275, XZ295, XZ335, ZX355
HP Pavilion ZE series ZE1000, ZE1100, ZE1115, ZE1145, ZE1200, ZE1201, ZE1202, ZE1210, ZE1230, ZE1210, ZE1250, ZE1235, ZE1250, ZE1260 ZE4000, ZE4200, ZE4100, ZE4935, ZE4400, ZE4100, ZE4101, ZE4102, ZE4103S, ZE4105S, ZE4111S, ZE4115, ZE4120S, ZE4123, ZE4123S, ZE4125, ZE4130, ZE4133, ZE4140, ZE4145, ZE4200, ZE4201, ZE4204, ZE4207, ZE4208, ZE4209, ZE4210, ZE4211, ZE4212, ZE4214, ZE4218, ZE4219, ZE4220, ZE4221, ZE4222, ZE4222AP, ZE4224, ZE4228, ZE4229, ZE4230, ZE4231, ZE4232, ZE4234, ZE4236, ZE4239, ZE4240, ZE4241, ZE4251, ZE4257EA, ZE4258, ZE4261, ZE4262, ZE4268, ZE4271, ZE4274, ZE4278, ZE4281, ZE4282, ZE4284, ZE4288, ZE4292, ZE4294, ZE4298, ZE4300, ZE4301, ZE4302, ZE4305EA, ZE4306WM, ZE4307LA, ZE4308EA, ZE4310, ZE4310EA, ZE4311, ZE4312, ZE4313, ZE4314, ZE4315, ZE4315CA, ZE4315US, ZE4316, ZE4317, ZE4317EA, ZE4318, ZE4318EA, ZE4319, ZE4320EA, ZE4321, ZE4321EA, ZE4322EA, ZE4323EA, ZE4325CA, ZE4325EA, ZE4325US, ZE4326, ZE4328US, ZE4332EA, ZE4333EA, ZE4334EA, ZE4335EA, ZE4335US, ZE4336EA, ZE4345EA, ZE4345US, ZE4347EA, ZE4348EA, ZE4349EA, ZE4351EA, ZE4352EA, ZE4353EA, ZE4354EA, ZE4355EA, ZE4355US, ZE4356EA, ZE4357EA, ZE4358US, ZE4360EA, ZE4365US, ZE4367EA, ZE4375EA, ZE4384EA, ZE4385EA, ZE4386EA, ZE4400, ZE4400, ZE4401US, ZE4402US, ZE4403EA, ZE4404EA, ZE4405EA, ZE4407EA, ZE4408EA, ZE4409EA, ZE4410AK, ZE4410AP, ZE4410CA, ZE4410EA, ZE4411AP, ZE4412AP, ZE4413AP, ZE4414AP, ZE4414EA, ZE4415AP, ZE4415EA, ZE4416AP, ZE4416EA, ZE4417EA, ZE4420CA, ZE4420US, ZE4423EA, ZE4424EA, ZE4424US, ZE4425EA, ZE4427WM, ZE4428EA, ZE4430US, ZE4453EA, ZE4454EA, ZE4455EA, ZE4500, ZE4500, ZE4501US, ZE4502US, ZE4504EA, ZE4505EA, ZE4507EA, ZE4508EA, ZE4509EA, ZE4510AP, ZE4510EA, ZE4510OM, ZE4511EA, ZE4512EA, ZE4513EA, ZE4514EA, ZE4516EA, ZE4518EA, ZE4519EA, ZE4520AP, ZE4520EA, ZE4521AP, ZE4521EA, ZE4522AP, ZE4522EA, ZE4523AP, ZE4523EA, ZE4524EA, ZE4525EA, ZE4525US, ZE4526EA, ZE4530US, ZE4540CA, ZE4540US, ZE4545US, ZE4546SR, ZE4547WM, ZE4550ST, ZE4560US, ZE4565QV, ZE4600, ZE4600, ZE4601US, ZE4603EA, ZE4604EA, ZE4605EA, ZE4610EA, ZE4610US, ZE4612EA, ZE4614EA, ZE4615EA, ZE4630US, ZE4715EA, ZE4718EA, ZE4725EA, ZE5000, ZE5100, ZE5155, ZE5160, ZE5165, ZE5170, ZE5185, ZE5190, ZE5200, ZE5207, ZE5217, ZE5228, ZE5232, ZE5236, ZE5238, ZE5240, ZE5242, ZE5244, ZE5250, ZE5252, ZE5258, ZE5262, ZE5270, ZE5279, ZE5300, ZE5307LA, ZE5315EA, ZE5320AP, ZE5320EA, ZE5325EA, ZE5339EA, ZE5343EA, ZE5344EA, ZE5345EA, ZE5345US, ZE5354EA, ZE5357LA, ZE5360EA, ZE5362EA, ZE5365US, ZE5375US, ZE5385CA, ZE5385US, ZE5395US, ZE5400, ZE5407LA, ZE5410AP, ZE5413EA, ZE5414EA, ZE5415AP, ZE5415EA, ZE5416EA, ZE5417LA, ZE5418EA, ZE5420EA, ZE5425EA, ZE5426EA, ZE5427LA, ZE5430EA, ZE5440EA, ZE5443EA, ZE5445EA, ZE5446EA, ZE5447LA, ZE5451US, ZE5457LA, ZE5460EA, ZE5460US, ZE5462EA, ZE5467LA, ZE5468CL, ZE5470US, ZE5475CA, ZE5477LA, ZE5477WM, ZE5478CL, ZE5490US, ZE5497LA, ZE5500, ZE5501US, ZE5504EA, ZE5505EA, ZE5506EA, ZE5507EA, ZE5510AP, ZE5510EA, ZE5511AP, ZE5511EA, ZE5512AP, ZE5512EA, ZE5513AP, ZE5514AP, ZE5515AP, ZE5515EA, ZE5516AP, ZE5516EA, ZE5517AP, ZE5517EA, ZE5518AP, ZE5519AP, ZE5519EA, ZE5520EA, ZE5521AP, ZE5521EA, ZE5522AP, ZE5523AP, ZE5523EA, ZE5524AP, ZE5524EA, ZE5525AP, ZE5525EA, ZE5526AP, ZE5526EA, ZE5527EA, ZE5528EA, ZE5529EA, ZE5530EA, ZE5531EA, ZE5532EA, ZE5533EA, ZE5534EA, ZE5535EA, ZE5537LA, ZE5547WM, ZE5560US, ZE5565QV, ZE5568CL, ZE5570US, ZE5575SR, ZE5580US, ZE5587LA, ZE5590US, ZE5600, ZE5601AP, ZE5601EA, ZE5602AP, ZE5602EA, ZE5602US, ZE5603AP, ZE5603EA, ZE5604AP, ZE5604EA, ZE5604RS, ZE5605AP, ZE5605EA, ZE5605SR, ZE5607EA, ZE5607WM, ZE5608AP, ZE5609AP, ZE5609EA, ZE5610AP, ZE5610CA, ZE5610EA, ZE5611AP, ZE5611EA, ZE5612AP, ZE5612EA, ZE5613AP, ZE5613EA, ZE5614AP, ZE5614EA, ZE5615AP, ZE5615CA, ZE5615EA, ZE5615SR, ZE5616AP, ZE5616EA, ZE5617AP, ZE5617EA, ZE5617WM, ZE5618EA, ZE5619EA, ZE5620EA, ZE5620US, ZE5622EA, ZE5623EA, ZE5624EA, ZE5626EA, ZE5630US, ZE5631EA, ZE5635EA, ZE5636EA, ZE5637LA, ZE5638EA, ZE5640EA, ZE5645EA, ZE5647LA, ZE5701US, ZE5731US, ZE5738RS, ZE5739CL, ZE7185
HP Pavilion ZE2000 Series: ZE20xx, ZE21xx, ZE22xx, ZE23xx, ZE24xx, ZE25xx
HP Pavilion ZE49xx series: ZE4900, ZE4901, ZE4902, ZE4903, ZE4904, ZE4905, ZE4906, ZE4907, ZE4908, ZE4909, ZE4910, ZE4911, ZE4912, ZE4915, ZE4918, ZE4920, ZE4922, ZE4923, ZE4925, ZE4926, ZE4927, ZE4928, ZE4929, ZE4930, ZE4935, ZE4940, ZE4945, ZE4950, ZE4955, ZE4960, ZE4965, ZE4970, ZE4974, ZE4975, ZE4980
HP Pavilion ZT series ZT1172, ZT1182
HP Pavilion ZT series: ZT1000, ZT1100, ZT1125, ZT1130, ZT1135, ZT1145, ZT1155, ZT1170, ZT1175, ZT1180, ZT1190, ZT1230, ZT1235, ZT1260
HP Pavilion: N5415, N5425 and others from the N54xx series that use this type shield
HP Pavilion: NC4000, NC6000, NC8000
HP Pavilion: ZT3000
HP ZD Series: ZD7000, ZD7001EA, ZD7001US, ZD7005EA, ZD7005QV, ZD7005US, ZD7009EA, ZD7010ca, ZD7010EA, ZD7010QV, ZD7010US, ZD7012EA, ZD7015EA, ZD7015US, ZD7020EA, ZD7020US, ZD7030EA, ZD7030US, ZD7035EA, ZD7038EA, ZD7040EA, ZD7040US, ZD7045EA, ZD7048CL, ZD7048EA, ZD7049EA, ZD7050, ZD7050EA, ZD7050US, ZD7055EA, ZD7058CL, ZD7060EA, ZD7063EA, ZD7065EA, ZD7066EA, ZD7070EA, ZD7080EA, ZD7101, ZD7101US, ZD7102US, ZD7112EA, ZD7120EA, ZD7128EA, ZD7129EA, ZD7131EA, ZD7139EA, ZD7140US, ZD7141, ZD7141EA, ZD7143EA, ZD7144EA, ZD7145EA, ZD7150EA, ZD7160ca, ZD7160US, ZD7167EA, ZD7168CL, ZD7168EA, ZD7169EA, ZD7170EA, ZD7180US, ZD7188CL, ZD7198CL, ZD7201US, ZD7202US, ZD7228EA, ZD7229EA, ZD7230EA, ZD7230US, ZD7235EA, ZD7236EA, ZD7245EA, ZD7248EA, ZD7249CL, ZD7250EA, ZD7255EA, ZD7256EA, ZD7257EA, ZD7258EA, ZD7259EA, ZD7260EA, ZD7260US, ZD7265EA, ZD7267EA, ZD7269CL, ZD7270EA, ZD7280US, ZD7283EA, ZD7300EA, ZD7310ca, ZD7310US, ZD7320EA, ZD7340EA, ZD7341EA, ZD7342EA, ZD7348EA, ZD7349EA, ZD7350EA, ZD7360US, ZD7373EA, ZD7374EA, ZD7375EA, ZD7376EA, ZD7377EA, ZD7378EA, ZD7379CL, ZD7379EA, ZD7380EA, ZD7380US, ZD7381EA, ZD7382EA, ZD7383EA, ZD7385EA, ZD7389CL, ZD7390EA, ZD7392EA, ZD7395EA, ZD7998US, ZD7999US, ZD8000, ZD8002, ZD8003, ZD8004
HP ZV series: ZV5000, ZV5000t, ZV5000z, ZV5001US, ZV5002, ZV5002US, ZV5003AP, ZV5004AP, ZV5005AP, ZV5010AP, ZV5012AP, ZV5015AP, ZV5021AP, ZV5029AP, ZV5030US, ZV5034US, ZV5037WM, ZV5045EA, ZV5101US, ZV5103, ZV5103AP, ZV5103US, ZV5105US, ZV5120, ZV5120CA, ZV5120US, ZV5160, ZV5160CA, ZV5160US, ZV5200, ZV5200T, ZV5201, ZV5201US, ZV5202, ZV5210, ZV5210ca, ZV5210US, ZV5220, ZV5220US, ZV5240US, ZV5227, ZV5230, ZV5235, ZV5240, ZV5242QV, ZV5247LA, ZV5255US, ZV5257LA, ZV5260US, ZV5267LA, ZV5270US, ZV5277LA, ZV5287LA, ZV5316US, ZV5320, ZV5325, ZV5330, ZV5330, ZV5340, ZV5343, ZV5346, ZV5348, ZV5360, ZV5370, ZV5380, ZV5386, ZV6000
HP ZX series: ZX5000, ZX5002, ZX5040US, ZX5040EA, ZX5041, ZX5060US, ZX5065US, ZX5070US, ZX5078, ZX5180US, ZX5190US, ZX5200, ZX5275US, ZX5280US
HP/Compaq Business Notebook: NX5000 series
HP-Compaq: NX6110, NC6110, NX6120, NC6120, NX8200 Series, NC8200 Series
Hyperdata: 3000
IBM I series: 1400 Series, 1500 Series
IBM Thinkpad: 570E, 600, 600A, 600D, 600E, 600X, A20, A20M, A20P, A21, A21E, A21M, A21P, A22, A22E, A22M, A22P, A30, A30P, A31, A31P, X, X20, X21, X22, X23, X24, X30
IBM: I Series
IBM: R30, R31, R32
Micron: Metrobook VL Plus and Transport GX series
Packard Bell Easynote: 7321, 7521
Packard Bell Easynote: C3 Series, C3205, C3223, C3227, C3255, C3265, C3300, C3302
Packard Bell: E5, E6
Panasonic Toughbook: CF01, CF17, CF25, CF27, CF28, CF33, CF34, CF35, CF37, CF45, CF47, CF48, CF61, CF62, CF63, CF71, CF72
Pavilion DV8000 Series: DV8000 CTO, DV8000T CTO, DV8002EA, DV8005EA, DV8010EA, DV8013CL, DV8013xx, DV8025EA, DV8026EA, DV8027EA, DV8028EA, DV8029EA, DV8030EA, DV8035EA, DV8040CA, DV8040US, DV8040xx, DV8045EA, DV8050EA, DV8051EA, DV8075EA, DV8088US, DV8099xx
Pro: Pro 4280ZDVD, Pro 4280XDVD, Pro 4320, Pro 4340, Pro 4360, Pro 440CDT, Pro 440CDX, Pro 445CDX, Pro 460CDT, Pro 460CDX, Pro 465CDX, Pro 470CDT, Pro 480CDT, Pro 490CDT, Pro 490XCDT
Samsung: A10
Samsung: P10, Taurus
Samsung: Q series
Samsung: V25, V30
Samsung: X10, V20, V25, VM6000, VM7000
Sony 505: PCG-R505, PCG-V505, PCG-Z505
Sony PCG-F: PCG-F150, PCG-F160, PCG-F180, PCG-F190, PCG-F250, PCG-F270, PCG-F280, PCG-F290, PCG-F340, PCG-F350, PCG-F360, PCG-F370, PCG-F390, PCG-F420, PCG-F430, PCG-F450, PCG-F480, PCG-F490, PCG-F505, PCG-F520, PCG-F540, PCG-F560, PCG-F570, PCG-F580, PCG-F590, PCG-F610, PCG-F630, PCG-F640, PCG-F650, PCG-F680, PCG-F690
Sony PCG-FR: PCG-FR130
Sony PCG-FX: PCG-FX120, PCG-FX140, PCG-FX150, PCG-FX170, PCG-FX190, PCG-FX200, PCG-FX200K, PCG-FX210, PCG-FX215, PCG-FX220, PCG-FX240, PCG-FX250, PCG-FX270, PCG-FX290, PCG-FX310, PCG-FX318, PCG-FX340, PCG-FX370, PCG-FX390, PCG-FX410, PCG-FX677, PCG-FX776, PCG-FX777, PCG-FX876, PCG-FX877, PCG-FX430, PCG-FXA32, PCG-FXA33, PCG-FXA35, PCG-FXA36, PCG-FXA47, PCG-FXA48, PCG-FXA49, PCG-FXA53, PCG-FXA59, PCG-FXA63
Sony PCG-GR: PCG-GR150, PCG-GR170, PCG-GR250, PCG-GR290, PCG-GR370, PCG-GR390, PCG-GRS150, PCG-GRS170, PCG-GRS175, PCG-GRS300, PCG-GRS700, PCG-GRS750, PCG-GRV550, PCG-GRV570, PCG-GRV670, PCG-GRV680, PCG-GRX500, PCG-GRX501, PCG-GRX510, PCG-GRX520, PCG-GRX530, PCG-GRX550, PCG-GRX560, PCG-GRX570, PCG-GRX580, PCG-GRX590, PCG-GRX606, PCG-GRX650, PCG-GRX670, PCG-GRX690, PCG-GRX700, PCG-GRX707, PCG-GRX770, PCG-GRZ530, PCG-GRZ600, PCG-GRZ610, PCG-GRZ630, PCG-GRZ60
Sony PCG-N: PCG-NVR5K, PCG-NVR7K, PCG-NVR17, PCG-NVR23, PCG-NVR27, PCG-NVR33, PCG-N505, PCG-N170, PCG-N190, PCG-N200, PCG-N290, PCG-NV105, PCG-NV109M, PCG-NV170, PCG-NV170P, PCG-NV190, PCG-NV290
Sony VX: PCG-VX88, PCG-VX89
Sony XG: PCG-XG18, PCG-XG19, PCG-XG28, PCG-XG29, PCG-XG38, PCG-XG39, PCG-XG500, PCG-XG700

SONY K and Sony VGN series

Tecra Harness: PE2100, TE2000, TE2100, TE2300
Tecra: 500CDT, 500CS, 510CDT, 520CDT, 530CDT, 550CDT, 730XCDT, 750CDT, 750DVD, 780CDM, 780DVD, 8000 (12.1'' Active, Dual Scan, 13.3"' TFT), 8100 (13", 14" Display), 8200, 9000, 9100
Toshiba Libretto: 50 and 70 series
Toshiba Portege: 300, 310 and 320 series, 2000 series, 7000CT, 7010CT, 7020CT, 7140CT, 7200CT
Toshiba Satellite M20 Harness: M20, M20-S257, M20-S258
Toshiba Satellite M30/M35 Board Harness: M30-S309, M30-S3091, M30-S350, M30-S3501, M30-SP309, M30-SP350, M35-S320, M35-S3201, M35-S359, M35-S3591, M35-S3592, M35-SP309, M35-SP350, M35-SP3501
Toshiba Satellite: 1000, 1005, 1200, 3000-S303, 3000-S304, 3000-S307, 3000-S309, 3000-S353, 3000-S403, 3000-S514, 3005-S303, 3005-S303, 3005-S307, 3005-S308, 3005-S403, 3005-S504
Toshiba Satellite: 1105, 1110-S153, 1115-S103, 1115-S104, 1115-S107, 1115-S123
Toshiba Satellite: 1130 Series, 1135 Series, 2430 Series, 2435 Series
Toshiba Satellite: 1605CDS, 1625CDT, 1675CDS, 1695CDT, 1715XCDS, 1730, 1730-S101, 1735-S101, 1750-S202, 1755-S202
Toshiba Satellite: 300CDS, 305CDS, 310CDs, 315CDS, 320CDS, 320CDT, 325CDS, 330CDS, 330CDT, 335CDS, 335CDT, 1200 SMALL BUSINESS, 1500, 1555, 1555CDS, 1800, 1800-S177, 1800-S202, 1800-S203, 1800-S204, 1800-S205, 1800-S206, 1800-S207, 1800-S253, 1800-S254, 1800-S256, 1800-S274, 1805, 1805-S154, 1805-S177, 1805-S203, 1805-S204, 1805-S207, 1805-S208, 1805-S253, 1805-S254, 1805-S255, 1805-S273, 1805-S274, 1805-S278, 2060, 2060CDS, 2060CDT, 2065, 2065CDS, 2065CDT, 2100, 2100CDS, 2100CDT, 2100CDX, 2105, 2105CDS, 2105CDT, 2115, 2115CDS, 2140, 2140CDT, 2140XCDS, 2180, 2180CDT, 2500, 2500CDS, 2500CDT, 2505, 2505CDS, 2505CDT, 2510, 2510CDS, 2510CDS/4, 2515, 2515CDS, 2515CDS/4, 2515CTS, 2520, 2520CDT, 2530, 2530CDS, 2530CDS/4, 2535, 2535CDS, 2535CDS/4, 2535CDT, 2540, 2540CDS, 2540CDS/4, 2540CDT, 2545, 2545CDS, 2545CDS/4, 2545CDT, 2545XCDT, 2545XCDT/4, 2590, 2590CDS, 2590CDS/4, 2590CDT, 2590XDVD, 2595, 2595CDS, 2595CDS/4, 2595CDT, 2595XDVD, 2600, 2610DVD, 2615, 2615DVD, 2655, 2655XDVD, 2675, 2675DVD, 2695, 2695DVD, 2700, 2710, 2710XDVD, 2715, 2715DVD, 2715XDVD, 2755, 2755DVD, 2755XDVD, 2770, 2770XDVD, 2775, 2775XDVD, 2800, 2800-S201, 2800-S202, 2800-S210, 2805, 2805-S201, 2805-S202, 2805-S301, 2805-S302, 2805-S401, 2805-S402, 2805-S503, 2805-S603, 2900 series, 4000, 4000CDS, 4000CDS/4, 4000CDT, 4000SCDS/4, 4005, 4005CDS, 4005CDS/4, 4005CDT, 4010, 4010CDS, 4010CDS/4, 4010CDT, 4015, 4015CDS, 4015CDS/4, 4015CDT, 4020, 4020CDT, 4020CDT/6, 4025, 4025CDS, 4025CDT, 4025CDT/6, 4030, 4030CDS, 4030CDT, 4030CDT/4, 4035, 4035CDT, 4060, 4060CDT, 4060CDT/4, 4060XCDT, 4070, 4070CDS, 4070CDT, 4080, 4080CDT, 4080XCDT, 4080XCDT/6, 4085, 4085XCDT, 4090, 4090CDS, 4090XCDT, 4090XDVD, 4090XDVD/6, 4100, 4100XCDT, 4100XDVD, 4100XDVD/6, 4260, 4260DVD, 4280, 4280XDVD, 4280ZDVD, 4300, 4300ZDVD, 4320, 4320ZDVD, 4340, 4340ZDVD, 4360, 4360ZDVD, 4600 Series, 5000, 5005, 5005-S504, 5005-S507, 5005-S508, 5005-S607, 5005-S608, 5100, 5105, 5105-S501, 5105-S502, 5105-S607, 5105-S608, 5105-S701, 5105-S702, 5105-S901, 5105-S902, 5200, 5205, 5205-S119, 5205-S502, 5205-S503, 5205-S504, 5205-S505, 5205-S506, 5205-S515, 5205-S703, 5205-S704, 5205-S705, 5205-S5151, 5205-SP505
Toshiba Satellite: A35, A60, A65, M20 Series
Toshiba Satellite: A70, A75, A79, M30X, M35X, L15-S104, 1800, 1900, 1905, 1955
Toshiba Satellite: P10, P15, P20, P25 Series
Toshiba, Most A Series and Gateway
Toshiba, Most P Series
Versa: E120
VPR-Matrix: 120-180b5
WinBook: 700 series

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